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The Best Fashion Themed iPhone RPGs

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a look at iPhone RPGs that take their theme from the world of fashion, shopping, and school.

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    In a strange turn to attract more female gamers to the iPhone RPG genre many developers have created a "girl" theme that focuses on fashion and shopping. Though this is a strange coupling, it often does create a unique interpretation of the genre to fit into a different platform that owes as much to online shopping and social networking as it does traditional text based iPhone RPGs. Here are some of the best "fashion" themed iPhone RPGs that are available at the iTunes' App Store.

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    Girl Wars Online

    Girl Wars Online is a leapGirl Wars Online  from the format of iMob Online and Race or Die, which has been developed by The Godfather. Girl Wars Online does a simplification process on the original model, especially in terms of the property system. In iMob Online and many of the other games from The Godfather the property investment system requires you to buy a lot and then a property to build on it. Girl Wars Online simply requires you to buy a single base property for each item. Much of the gameplay of Girl Wars Online still follows the iMob Online model, and this extends to the Girl Wars Online Friend Codes. The Girl Wars Online Friend Codes are assigned to every account and you use your Girl Wars Online Friend Code to identify you in the same way you would with an address. You can use the Girl Wars Online Friend Code to add players, who then enter in your Girl Wars Online Friend Code to add them to their Girl Wars Online friends list. The best tip around this is to spread your Girl Wars Online Friend Codes as much as you possibly can. The Girl Wars Online Fashion Points system is also similar to that in iMob Online, with a simplified number of options for spending Girl Wars Online Friend Codes. You can buy Girl Wars Online Fashion Points from the App Store, and then you spend the Girl Wars Online Fashion Points in the game to "cheat" your way to success in three ways. The Godfather offers free Girl Wars Online Fashion Points, so keep your eyes open for them.

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    Sorority Life

    Sorority Life Sorority Life is an immensely popular free iPhone game and it strays a little from the basic text based model of Girl Wars Online. What Sorority Life focuses on is a large amount of details and options that you are not going to get in Girl Wars Online. In Sorority Life you will again focus on buying fancy clothing and going to high profile events, such as a charity bake sale. All of these come in a number of varieties in Sorority Life, including different locations and clothing types such as accessories and shoes. Adding other players to your Sorority Life account is also of central importance, but you are going to find that Sorority Life extends this process even further. Sorority Life is essentially a much more involved rendition of what Girl Wars Onine begins, but both offer slightly different experiences.

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    High School Superstar

    High School Superstar High School Superstar is, like Sorority Life, based on the Girl Wars Online model with a much greater focus on depth. The theme of High School Superstar is that of a high school from a particularly "feminine" perspective, similar to what Sorority Life does for college. High School Superstar allows you to connect to your account using Facebook, like Sorority Life, and Twitter. The High School Superstar Student ID system is modeled on the Girl Wars Online Friend Codes. You are identified by your High School Superstar Student ID and other players will use your High School Superstar Student ID to add you. Like is true with most text based iPhone MMO RPGs, many players use online web boards and social networking to share their High School Superstar Student IDs. There is also a High School Superstar Extra Credit Point system that is similar to Girl Wars Online Fashion Points.