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Girl Wars Online, like iMob Online and iVampires Online, is a text-based iPhone RPG with a clean interface and names inspired by its theme. Along with this, it has a purchase point system where you can buy points from the developer to use in the game as a way of buying some of the things you need. These points, called Fashion Points in Girl Wars Online, are a way of forgoing the normal path to things in Girl Wars Online and instead using your actual money to get ahead. There are certain ways to approach Fashion Points in Girl Wars Online that will end up making you much more successful.

Free Fashion Points

The first thing you have to remember is that by and large Fashion Points are not a worthwhile purchase. It is ridiculous to spend actual money on something that should just be a reward for hard work in Girl Wars Online. If you are not actually willing to play until you get certain things then why are you playing at all? Fortunately, the developer often offers Fashion Points packages for free as part of a Girl Wars Online update and an incentive to keep playing. Make sure that you keep up at the App Store and keep looking for these free Fashion Points packages. You can also get free Fashion Points by achieving certain things in both iMob Online and iVampires Online.

Friend Codes

If you do have Fashion Points, for whatever reason, you need to use them on smart things. Try to avoid using Fashion Points on a Sister because Girl Wars Online employs Friend Codes. Friend Codes in Girl Wars Online makes it much easier to add people to your crew. You can spread Friend Codes all over the place and get huge numbers easily. A single Sister from The Diva costs twenty Fashion Points, which is far too much.

Energy and Money

You should be spending almost all of your Fashion Points on money, especially at the beginning. Any way to get money without experience points early on in Girl Wars Online is best. Later on you can use your Fashion Points on energy refills once missions are yielding high financial returns.

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