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Visiting the Spa

The Spa is a cleverly named place for healing in Girl Wars Online, one of the better themed titles from The Godfather. The Spa in Girl Wars Online works very similar to the hospital functions in other games from The Godfather like Jet Fighters, iMob Online, and iVampires Online. Here are some tips for using the Girl Wars Online Spa.

Healing in Girl Wars Online

When you are at the main Girl Wars Online page find The Spa, which is under the Bank and above Girls On Top. Inside The Spa you will see how much money you have available to heal your Girl Wars Online account and how much it will cost to heal you. The cost of healing your Girl Wars Online character is directly relative to how low your health is. Each bit of healing goes in increments, so that each increment is the same cost and the total cost will be decided by how many increments you are forced to have.

What is unique about the Girl Wars Online Spa is that you will not usually heal yourself completely as the increments of healing that you purchase are predesigned and once you cannot add another complete healing increment you will not be able to purchase another. If you are at full health, you will not be able to add anything to your account.

Girl Wars Online Bank

The important thing to remember about the Girl Wars Online Spa is that you can only spend money that is in The Bank. To use it you have to have enough of a balance in the Girl Wars Online Bank, which is the main reason to use the Bank. This is true of all titles from The Godfather.

Girl Wars Online Tips

Using the Girl Wars Online Spa is rarely the best idea, especially early on. Once you are farther in Girl Wars Online and have a large Stamina well you may want to engage in a multitude of fights for experience and statistics.

To do this you will likely have to repair yourself, but otherwise you should wait for your Girl Wars Online account to heal on its own. The reason for this is the incredible cost of using the Girl Wars Online Spa. Not only is it the cost of The Spa, but also you have to pay the deposit fee for the Girl Wars Online Bank.

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