The Top Ninjas Themed iPhone RPGs Available at the iTunes’ App Store


Two of the most strangely addictive pop culture phenomena have finally merged: ninjas and iPhone text games. The obsession with ninjas has peaked and has forced its way into the iPhone App Store to add to the plethora of different themes used in the iPhone MMO RPG genre. Among these ninja themed iPhone RPGs there are still a few that have maintained popularity because of their depth in gameplay and use of the theme. Here is a look at the best ninja themed iPhone RPGs.

Ninjas Live


Ninjas Live follows the Storm8 model used by games like Kingdoms Live and Rockstars Live. Here it employs the basic design that you find in all the rest of this genre. You begin by customizing your ninja in a specific direction. The basic format gives you money and experience points through missions and fights, and the money can also be focused in the direction of real estate investment. The difference here is that every aspect of this standard model is shifted toward a ninja theme, yet this does not stray from the Storm8 standard. Like the rest of the Storm8 lot, Ninjas Live Clan Codes are a central part of the experience. Ninjas Live Clan Codes are used to to add players to your Ninjas Live clan, which is a grouping that you must have to continue through Ninjas Live. The Ninjas Live Clan Code may be the most pervasive and communal aspect of the RPG as the Ninjas Live Clan Codes are posted online everywhere and Ninjas Live Clan Codes are shared as much as possible. Ninjas Live also maintains the Ninjas Live Honor Points in a similar way to not only the other Storm8 titles, but the rest of the text based iPhone MMO RPG genre in general. With Ninjas Live Honor Points you can essentially "cheat" in Ninjas Live. The Ninjas Live Honor Points allow you to purchase items and progress that you would normally have to wait for, but you can also use the Ninjas Live Honor Points to direct the progress of your character in a direction that you want. This is all part of Ninjas Live’s, and Storm8’s, shift toward character control.

Ninjas III

Ninjas III is the PlayMesh incarnation of this genre and shares much of the basic format with Ninjas Live. In Ninjas III you will also focus in on


completing missions, purchasing weapons and defensive tools, investing in properties, and so on. What is very different about Ninjas III is that there is no equivalent for the Ninjas Live Clan Code. Ninjas III has an internal friending system that asks you to instead purchase clan members in the same way that you would weapons. These clan members will increase in cost for each one, which is why the purchase of them is the best use for Ninjas III PlayMesh Points. Ninjas III PlayMesh Points work the same way as Ninjas Live Honor Points, except the focus of Ninjas III PlayMesh Points is specific to that game.

Ninja Wars

Ninja Wars is completely different than both Ninjas Live and Ninjas III, and not only because it doesn’t have a comparison to Ninjas III PlayMesh


Points. Ninja Wars is an action role playing game that focuses in on great cell shaded graphics and a fun gameplay model. Ninja Wars is really the perfect marriage between a regular action platformer and an RPG. It allows you to come in and out without the kind of time commitment that usually defines an RPG experience. The Ninja Wars campaign mode is very complete and you can go through 6 types of skills and enemies, respectively. Ninja Wars provides a very different gaming situation than Ninjas III or Ninjas Live, so that what an iPhone player can get out of these games is completely different. There is a free Ninja Wars Lite version, but the full version is worth it at $1.99.

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