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Honor Points for Sale

The main purpose of Ninjas Live for Storm8, not to mention the rest of their MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, is to sell players Honor Points. Ninjas Live Honor Points are cheat points that are purchased from Storm8 either through Ninjas Live or the iTunes' App Store. These Ninjas Live Honor Points are used then to gain things within Ninjas Live that you would normally have to wait for or work for, such as refilling energy and stamina or gaining money or clan members. Here are some tips for acquiring and using Ninjas Live Honor Points.

Options for Spending Ninjas Live Honor Points

When you first open up Ninjas Live Home screen just select Ancestors from under Clients and above Bank. Once in here you are going to see how many Ninjas Live Honor Points right up top. Below that will be a number of different options, ranging from refilling certain points and adding clan members without Ninjas Live Clan Codes to more useless and expensive options like changing your name. All of these just have Accept buttons to the right of each of these options. Simply press that button and the purchase will be made for the number of Ninjas Live Honor Points listed.

Buying and Getting Free Honor Points

Below all of the Ninjas Live Honor Points use options will be different options for getting free Honor Points. These free Honor Points packages for Ninjas Live come along when you download and install other Storm8 updates, such as Rockstars Live 60 Reward and Zombies Live 20 Loyalty. This is an extra reward for playing other Storm8 games, and may be worth it just for the free Honor Points for Ninjas Live.

Below the free Honor Points option will be one for purchasing Ninjas Live Honor Points. If you select any of these options, whether it isfree Honor Points or buying them, the button will take you to that Ninjas Live Honor Points package page in the iTunes' App Store. Once you download the Honor Points you just open them, which will open your Ninjas Live account and place the Honor Points in there.

Ninjas Live Honor Points Tips

When using your Ninjas Live Honor Points you are going to want to be as economic as possible. Since Ninjas Live utilizes a Clan Code system you may not want to use your Ninjas Live Honor Points on adding clan members. The Ninjas Live Clan Code system makes adding people fairly easily. It is a great option to use your Ninjas Live Honor Points on free money early on when you are trying to get finances without leveling up. The higher level you get to the better deals you will get with your Ninjas Live Honor Codes, so saving your Honor Codes as much as possible can be very helpful. This is especially true if you are trying to refill things like Energy or Stamina with your Honor Points.

Do not use your Ninjas Live Honor Points on thing like changing your name or avatar. These end up costing way to many Honor Points and do not affect the gameplay of Ninjas Live much. The best tip that can be given for Ninjas Live Honor Points is to wait for free Honor Points as often as you can. Free Honor Points will be fairly easy to achieve, especially if you play several Storm8 text based iPhone RPGs.

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