Ninjas Live Tips: Resetting Your Account

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Ninjas on Patrol

Ninjas Live is just as temperamental as any of the other Storm8 games, not to mention the entire competing landscape of the MMO text-based iPhone RPG market. Every move has to be the right one if you expect to come out on top in later levels. Each statistic, as well as your ability to stand against other Ninjas Live players, will be used to judge you and compare you around the dojo. If you notice that you have made bad choices in early levels that have lowered your statistics or that you have forcefully leveled up too quickly you may not be able to go back and repair your Ninjas Live account. At times the best choice may be to simply reset your Ninjas Live account all together.

Resetting Your Ninjas Live Account

Once you are sure you want to reset your Ninjas Live account start by going to the Ancestors, which is in the left hand column below Clan and above Bank. The Ancestors is where people go to spend their Ninjas Live Honor Points. At the top of the Ancestors will be how many Ninjas Live Honor Points you have, and below that are options for spending the Honor Points on things like money, refills, and account changes. At the bottom of these Honor Points options will be those for changing your Ninjas Live name or class, each for high amounts of Ninjas Live Honor Points. At the bottom, below these options, will be Reset Your Character and it costs zero Ninjas Live Honor Points. Just hit the Accept button to your right and you will reset your Ninjas Live account.

Zero and Clan Codes

You have to be sure that you are ready to reset your Ninjas Live account because all statistics and things at the Dojo will be brought down to their empty roots. The only thing you tend to maintain is your clan size and your clan code. The reason is that you do not want to affect other people’s clan and you may have actually spread your Ninjas Live clan code around. This just adds to the permanence that the Ninjas Live clan code seems to have in the Storm8 universe.

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