Ninjas Live Tips: The Healer

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Storn8’s Ninjas

Ninjas Live continues most of the traditions set up by the Storm8 development model, including the ability to heal yourself. Though this happens automatically in your Ninjas Live account, it takes quite a while as your healing goes on a timed basis. If you want to heal your Ninjas Live masked character even faster you are going to have to drop some of your hard earned cash. Here are some tips for using the Ninjas Live Healer.

Ninjas Live Healer

If you want to use the Ninjas Live Healer find it in the left hand column of the Ninjas Live Home screen right under Bank and above Loot. If you have not lost any of your health points for your Ninjas Live character then the only thing that will be in the Healer will be a line that reads “You are at full health already.” You have to wait to use it until you have already have reduced your total health from fighting other Ninjas Live characters or being attacked without your active participation.

Once your health drops below full then you will see that a button appears in the center of the Ninjas Live Healer. It will list exactly how much money it costs to heal your Ninjas Live character, and this cost will be dependent on how much it will take to heal you to full health and what you position in Ninjas Live is like.

You are only able to use money that is currently in your Ninjas Live Bank and not any of the regular cash you have free in your Ninjas Live account. Make sure that the current cost of using the Ninjas Live Healer is equal to or less than the balance of your Ninjas Live Bank.

Ninjas Live Tips

The Ninjas Live Healer, like all Storn8 hospital situations, is expensive. To top this off you must use the Ninjas Live Bank and that has a ten percent fee on all deposits. This is just another added cost to using the Ninjas Live Healer making it too expensive for most situations. If you are before level twenty you should never use the Healer and if you are only do so if you must do a huge number of fights.

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