Ninja Warz Boss Fighting

Ninja Warz Boss Fighting
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Ninja Warz is an online browser-based video game where you take command of a school of ninja who are charged with fighting against other clans of ninja for items, weapons and power. Though a majority of the fighting that takes place in the game is against opponent players of the game, there are several non-player opponents who you can fight against for additional items and weapons. Among the opposing clans that you can wage war against, you can also fight against certain special Ninja Warz boss characters for unique, one-of-a-kind items. The first boss of the game becomes available once you reach level five and is present on the main screen until you defeat her.

The First Boss

Heikinteki Josei

The first boss of the game is a young girl dressed in a school girl uniform. She fights with a weaponized pink lunch box that has more power than any of the weapons that you can obtain before you defeat her. Her name is Heikinteki Josei. She dances across the screen every 30 seconds, stopping briefly to allow you to attack her. After a brief period of attacking her, she dances off the other side of the screen. After leaving, a larger version of her lunch box falls onto your clan, causing massive amounts of damage to your entire clan. She will repeat this process several times until you defeat her or until she defeats you.

Buffing Up


Being Level Five is not enough to defeat Josei. You must also have a clan that is strong enough to withstand the large amounts of damage incurred by the dropping lunch box. This means that your clan will need to be stout enough to and fast enough to withstand the blows as well as do enough damage to the girl in a fast enough period of time to minimize the damage that you incur. You will need to do several things to prepare for the battle. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Equip your ninjas. You will need a strong set of weapons for your ninja clan to do the necessary amount of damage to Josei.
  • Train your ninjas. On top of being well equipped, all of your ninja should have the ability to withstand damage.
  • Purchase Relics. Relics are special items that you can purchase which will empower your team in many ways.
  • Prepare for the battle. Before starting the fight, you will need to make sure your ninjas are prepared.


Ninja Warz interface

Equipping your ninjas with the best possible equipment can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Purchasing weapons
  2. Winning Weapons

Purchasing weapons can be done at any time via the shop of the game. Simply click on the shop and scroll through the list to find weapons that you can afford. This is one of the best ways to equip because you know what you are getting.

Winning weapons is quite a bit different. This is done via the tournament feature of the game. You do not get to see the stats of the weapons that you are playing for and, what’s more, you must fight your way through other clans - many of which are super powerful. However, the items that you can win are reputably much more powerful than those you can initially buy.


NinjaWarz 2

If equipping is not the most important thing to do for the first Ninja Warz boss, training certainly is. You will need to train your ninja to make them more powerful. You can do this by leveling your school up and using the resulting Karma points to add levels to your ninja.

It is recommended that each of your ninja are no less than level 4 before entering into the battle. Otherwise, they will be dead weight. You can level up your clan by taking place in regular fights. Click on the “Fight” button and choose your opponent. Do this until you level up enough to give all of your ninjas a fighting chance.

Other Training


Though they are not absolutely necessary, you can spend Karma points on various relics in the game. This can be done via the relics shop.


After your ninja are trained and equipped, click on the hospital feature. This will allow you to heal your ninja and make them absolutely ready for the vicious fight that will ensue.

The fights in the game are automatic, so during the fight, all you can do is watch. If you are prepared, you will be victorious. If you fail, keep training and try again.

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Information offered in this article is based on the author’s personal experience with Ninja Warz