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Getting Inside the Ninjas III Leaderboard

PlayMesh’s Ninjas III for the iPhone is really built around competition. Though building up your Ninjas III character independent of other players will be the majority of your actions, the real crux of Ninjas III is that you have to compare yourself to others and win in competitions.

There are a number of ways that Ninjas III players can compare themselves. They can look to how many Ninjas III PlayMesh Points they have, though people who can afford to pay for Ninjas III PlayMesh Points will have more and that will not actually reflect their ability.

You can also look at how many Ninjas III Clan Members they possess, but you never know if they were purchased legitimately or they bought Ninjas III PlayMesh Points and then used them to build up their number of Ninjas III Clan Members. The best, and most universal, way that people can estimate the top Ninjas III players is with the Ninjas III Leaderboard.

When you are in the vertical Portrait view in Ninjas III for the iPhone you have to first select the Royal Guard, which is under the Elders and above the Daily Unlock.

The Ninjas III Royal Guard contains both the Hitlist and the Leaderboard, and you can really just select one or the other by the buttons at the bottom of the Royal Guard. When a new person is added to the Hitlist the Royal Guard can be highlighted in purple. When you are in the horizontal Landscape view of Ninjas III you will find the Royal Guard in the lower left hand corner to the left of the Store.

The Ninjas III Leaderboard is divided around by a few different achievements. The top six Ninjas III players are listed in categories for Most Kills, Most Fights Won, Most Bounty Kills, and the Highest Income. These Ninjas III Leaderboard positions can change often, though some of the people on the top may be so superior to other Ninjas III players that they may be able to maintain their position for quite a while.

The Ninjas III Leaderboard looks much like the Fight menu, and when you select one of them a blue Details button shows up. When you press this you go to their main profile page, and you can Fight them there if you want.

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