Ninja Warz Guide: Clan Selection, Leveling Up, and Paid Content

Ninja Warz Guide: Clan Selection, Leveling Up, and Paid Content
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Ninja Warz is a socially interactive video game developed for use, mainly on the social networking site “Facebook.” On the game, you take the role of a clan of ninja who must fight against other clans for supremacy and power. However, once you begin the game, you have made your bed. You cannot easily restart your game with a clean slate.

This being the case, it is important to know the best Ninja Warz Guide to beginning a new game on Ninja Warz. Understanding the strategies and techniques that you should use when starting the game will allow you to prosper and rise quickly to the highest ranks in the game.

Picking a Clan


When you first start the game, you have a choice between three clans of ninja. This is one of the most important decisions of the game because it will determine what kinds of weapons you can equip as well as the aesthetic appearance of your clan. Depending on what clan you choose, you will be automatically rewarded with a signature weapon specific to your clan. This is the weapon you should always have on your strongest Ninja. It will grow in power as you level your clan up, making it more and more powerful as your Ninja clan grows.

The three clans are:

  1. Shadow
  2. Fire
  3. Cloud

Apart from the key weapon and the look of your ninja, the choice of clan has little to do with the overall performance potential of your clan.

Leveling Up

Leveling up comes in two forms; leveling up your clan and leveling up your individual ninja. In all actuality, both of these leveling up abilities come in one fell swoop. When you level up your clan, you are awarded Karma points. These Karma points are then applied to your individual ninja to level them up.

To level up your clan, you will need to fight in competitions against other ninja clans. You can do this via the balloon on the main screen. Click the balloon and choose your fight. Repeat this process as many times as needed to level your clan up. For each level you get up, you will have 10 Karma points to spend on your individual ninja.

One Ninja to Rule them All

In spite of what most players tend to do, your ninja clan will work better when it is not a team effort. The best clans have a ringer, one ninja who is considerably stronger than all of the other ninja in your clan. This is because, in the fights, each ninja squares off individually. There are no teaming-up situations when two ninja can take on one at a time. It is always one-on-one during the melee. This being the case, a single powerful Ninja will work far better than a moderate team of ninjas.

Spend your Karma points from early on solely on a single Ninja. When your clan gets larger, make sure you concentrate on grooming that one ninja.

Also, make sure that one ninja always has the strongest weapon as he will be the longest living ninja in any fight. This means he should have the biggest guns.

Ninja Warz interface

Like most Facebook games, Ninja Warz can be played for free, but much of the premium content is offered only to those who pay for additional consideration. If you are dedicated to the game, you can spend a few bucks for massive amounts of Karma. This will give your ninja a huge advantage in any battle.

When you are in a tournament, you will notice who has spent money on karma and who hasn’t. A ninja clan that can level you within seconds of a battle, no matter how much you have worked on your clan, is a clan that has spent money on karma. Though it is not ideal, especially if you are a casual player of the game, spending actual currency on items in the game is the absolute best way to give yourself an edge against other players.

Using USD, you can purchase Karma, magic and coins; all of which will give your clan a special edge in one form or another.


By and large, the game, Ninja Warz can be very entertaining as long as you work from the beginning to ensure that your clan is operating to the highest possible standard. Start strong and keep a ringer in the team at all times. As long as you have your single tank player, your clan will make its way to the big time in no time.


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