The Ultimate iPhone Games Guide

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Earlier this summer Apple announced that there are over 50 million unique users of their Game Center. That would make iOS the most popular gaming platform in the world. As the iPhone line has evolved, the games have gotten better and better. There’s so much to choose from that you’d be forgiven for not knowing where to start. Well, start here.

We’ve got round ups of some of the best games for the iOS platform. We take a look at various popular genres and we cover some of the top titles with individual reviews. It’s time for some iPhone gaming.

General Round-Ups

We start with some general round-ups that highlight a mixture of the best games on the iPhone regardless of genre. There are some meaty titles here to cater for the most hardcore of gamers and there are also plenty of casual games that should suit everyone. These articles will give you a good general overview of what’s available for your iPhone. We cover both free and premium options.

Specific Genre Round-Ups

Whatever your preferred genre of gaming you’ll find a list of top titles to suit you here. We cover shooters, strategy games, adventure games, driving games, board games and even alternative reality games. These articles bring you the vital info you need on the best options in each category.

There isn’t much that isn’t represented in some way on the iOS platform. There are tycoon and strategy options for immersive gaming sessions and also plenty of casual options for a few minutes of Angry Birds style fun. If you aren’t really into video games you might still enjoy Go or some Sudoku.

The iPhone gamers here at Bright Hub have been working hard to bring you some tips and tricks for your favorite iPhone games. This section is jam-packed with strategy guides, hints and help for a wide range of awesome games starting with the ever popular Angry Birds.

You’ll also find help for Pocket Frogs, tips for casual titles like Cut the Rope and Doodle Jump, and some winning strategies for tower defense games like Fieldrunners and Defender Chronicles. If you’re more into building or farming then check out the CityVille Hometown guide or the Tap Ranch 2 tips. There’s even a complete walkthrough for the awesome Monkey Island game on iPhone.

Top Titles Reviewed

This last section aims to highlight some great iPhone games that you should consider trying out. We have a range of reviews for your delectation. Some of these games are famous classics while others are lesser-known gems that you should seek out.

The iPhone gaming choices just go on and on. If you can’t find something here that you like then I guess you just don’t like gaming. Post a comment and let us know what your iPhone game picks are. Are there any obscure titles that you feel deserved to have more success?