Ultimate Guide to Angry Birds Tips, Hints and Walkthroughs

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No one could have predicted the mega-success of casual gaming sensation Angry Birds. Fire a bunch of birds at some unstable structures using a catapult and see if you can destroy all the pigs. This unlikely backdrop is largely unimportant because people don’t play this game for the story or the characters – it’s all about the gameplay.

With simple controls that take full advantage of touch screen technology, Angry Birds is amazingly addictive and accessible. Everyone can get a kick out of playing this game and most of us already have.

It was an incredible success on the iPhone and it quickly hit the top spot in the Android charts when it was released on the platform for free. With good production values, loads of content and a corny sense of humor, Angry Birds is an unmissable mobile game.

In this guide you’ll find a handy round-up of helpful tips, tricks and walkthroughs to help you defeat those pigs and lead your flock to glory.

Angry Birds iPhone Review

Find out exactly what all the fuss is about with our review of Angry Birds on the iPhone. You’ll get a great overview of the game and you’ll find a link to buy it.

Review of Angry Birds for Android

When the game was released on Android it immediately soared to the top of the charts. You can find out exactly why in this comprehensive review.

Angry Birds Rio Review

The new version of Angry Birds was Rio (the same name as the movie spin-off). Find out exactly how it changes the gameplay and whether it has the same addictive hook as the original in this review.

Angry Birds Tips and Tricks

This Angry Birds strategy guide offers up some handy hints for players. Learn about the difference between the various birds, what they are capable of, and how best to use them to bring down those pig-infested structures.

Guide to Finding Those Hidden Golden Eggs

All truly great games have fantastic replay value and Angry Birds is no exception. Even if you beat every level it’s unlikely you’ll manage to find every golden egg on your first play through. That’s where this guide comes in.

Get Three Stars on Every Angry Birds Level

This is part one of our complete guide to help you score three stars on every single level in the original Angry Birds game. You’ll find easy to follow instructions and even screenshots to illustrate the right tactics. Even when you know how it can still be difficult to get all those stars but persistence will pay off. You can check out the links at the bottom of this walkthrough to find help for later levels – the entire original game is covered.

Completing the Halloween Levels in Angry Birds

One of the best things about Angry Birds is the amount of content it offers. There are loads of levels to defeat. Even after you have laid the original game to rest you can still try out the expansion packs and this walkthrough focusses on the Halloween edition. You’ll get three stars on every Halloween level of Angry Birds by following this guide.

Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas Walkthrough

Are you stuck in the snow with the Christmas edition of Angry Birds? Desperate to get a full set of three stars on every level? Well, you’re in luck, just follow this illustrated guide and you’ll get there.

Angry Birds Seasons: Valentines Walkthrough

This expansion pack for Angry Birds was themed for St. Valentine’s Day. Once again you’ll find the secrets to scoring three stars on every level of the game.

Angry Birds Seasons: St. Patrick’s Day Walkthrough

Our last Angry Birds walkthrough deals with the St. Patrick’s Day expansion. You’ll get every last one of those green pigs by following these instructions and you’ll end up with a perfect three star score on every level.

Guide to Getting Three Stars in Angry Birds Rio - Smuggler’s Den

Are you stuck on the new instalment of Angry Birds? You can find all the help you need with screenshots and step-by-step instructions in this guide to ensure that you get those three stars every time.

Guide to Getting Three Stars in Angry Birds Rio - Jungle Escape

Our final Angry Birds Rio walkthrough will guide you to three star glory in the Jungle Escape levels of Angry Birds Rio. Complete the game in style with the help of this handy walkthrough.

Are you an Angry Birds addict? What did you think of the changes they made with the Rio release? Post a comment and let us know.