Angry Birds Golden Eggs Locations

Angry Birds Golden Eggs Locations
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Golden what?

Angry Birds is one of the best selling games on the iTunes App Store. Having hit the top spot on numerous occasions, its surprise success is certainly well deserved. Of course, you’d know all of this already if you had read our Angry Birds review. Be that as it may, one of the things that has led to the game taking over the lives of so many adoring fans is the amazing depth the game offers. One of those layers of depth lies in the unlockable levels that players can obtain by finding hidden Golden Eggs scattered around the game worlds.

These eggs can unlock any number of cool bonuses. They can range from additional, super weird levels, often filled with a ton of pigs or sometimes even huge physics puzzles that you need to solve. Once you’ve reached the criteria for the game to know you’ve beaten it you’ll then be rewarded with a star and the level will appear marketed as completed.

The Golden Eggs are sometimes obvious, and sometimes not so much. They can be hidden within anything from random items in the game to sitting all the way through the credits. So power up your new iPhone 4 and let’s take a look at these eggs and where they can be found.

Golden Eggs Locations


Golden Egg #1: Click the Credits button from the main menu and watch it until the end. When the golden egg appears, simply touch it.

Golden Egg #2: From the Levels menu, touch the sun setting in the background.

Golden Egg #3: Simply click the Pause button during gameplay and watch the video of the white, egg-laying birds.

Golden Egg #4: Max out your stars on each of the first three level sets.

Golden Egg #5: Max out your stars on the last two level sets.

Golden Egg #6: In level 1-8, touch the barricaded treasure chest with your finger. Ta-da!

Golden Egg #7: In level 2-2, destroy the beach ball during gameplay.

Golden Egg #8: In level 4-7, pan all the way out so you can see the hidden yellow bird. Nail it for your 8th golden egg.

Golden Egg #9: In level 5-19, pan all the way out and look above the make-shift rocket. Touch it for another golden egg.

Golden Egg #10: In level 6-14, to the far right of the screen there is a balloon floating beneath the level of the platform that all the pigs are on. You’ll need to use the new Boomerang Bird in order to get it. Launch and activate the boomerang so it swings around and hits the balloon.

Golden Egg #11: On the 8th level set, go to the far right and keep pulling the screen to the left. You’ll eventually see a golden egg poke out. Pull the screen far enough that the egg is completely uncovered and you’ll obtain it.