Angry Birds Strategy Guide

Angry Birds Strategy Guide
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Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in the history of the iPhone. It has sold millions and millions around the world. One of the reasons behind its success is the fact that it presents a very easy to learn, but very hard to master formula. And, for that same reason, it can be one of the most frustrating games on Apple’s device.

Each of the different bird species has unique properties that make it especially effective in certain situations. Each of the structure materials has its own tolerance for damage. For example, wood is weaker than glass which is weaker than stone. Still, there are some universal truths that ring throughout Angry Birds, and there are some methods that are easy to master.

The main thing that Angry Birds pros will need to master is the function and specialty of each species of bird. From the splitting blue bird to the bombing black bird, there’s lots to learn so let’s get to it!

The Birds

Red - The red bird is your most basic weapon. There isn’t really much going on with this little guy. The higher you launch the bird before allowing it to strike a structure, the more damage it will do.

Blue - The blue bird will break into three smaller, but similar birds when the screen is touched. These birds are especially handy at taking out glass structures. If you touch the screen right before the bird strikes the glass, allowing the three birds to hit the glass at once, you will completely destroy it, allowing for some major damage to be dealt to your enemies.

Yellow - The yellow bird specializes in long distances. In fact, there will be levels where certain parts are only accessible by launching a yellow bird and activating its boost power right out of the gate.

White - The white birds can be used as a weapon in two different ways. When you hit the screen, causing the bird to drop a large explosive egg, your original bird still flies forward. This means that if you activate the egg just in front of a structure you can do damage with the egg bomb as well as your bird which will strike the upper portion of the structure.

Black - Black birds are the heaviest birds in the game, and can be used to topple structures in addition to the explosion it generates once settling. Launch the bird at a super steep angle and allow it to bust to the bottom of large structures for massive damage.

Green - The green bird is advertised as the boomerang bird, but it can be much more than that. You can use the bird to launch straight into a structure and deal intense damage. Remember though, once the bird has touched a structure it can no longer activate its boomerang function.