Angry Birds Rio Review

Angry Birds Rio Review
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Concept (4 out of 5)

Angry Birds Rio is the latest release in the Angry Birds series and comes with a distinctive styling from the upcoming movie release, Rio.

The latest installment of Angry Birds holds true to the previous concept as you sling-shot your way through multiple levels using several types of birds, however, the objective changes slightly and the styling has become more colorful and cheery.

The overall concept of the latest installment in the Angry Birds series is an instant success because it stays true to the previous gameplay recipe which has proved so successful in past games such as Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. As you progress level to level you will sling-shot a variety of birds to knock down the cages throughout the level. Knocking down the cages will free the captive birds and allow the level to be completed.

Gameplay is simple, fast paced and generally fun. Angry Birds Rio has managed to create a fun gameplay concept for both younger and more mature players alike.

Gameplay & Graphics (5 out of 5)

Graphics in Angry Birds Rio are similar to the past games in the serious. One of the major changes is the beautiful, animated

Angry Birds Rio

wallpapers which add an extra glow to the game levels and make them more interesting to look at.

As a whole, Angry Birds Rio is a lot more colorful than past Angry Birds games although it does follow the same basic theme. In Angry Birds Rio, there are a lot more birds, in addition to just your birds. There is also a noticeable lack of enemy pigs, something fans of the series will likely notice immediately.

Gameplay consists of using your birds via a sling-shot to hit and destroy the bird cages in the level. Bird cages house trapped birds and upon being broke the birds are released and fly away. Once all cages are broken and all birds free, the level ends and the score is calculated, based on your efficiency (how many birds you used) with one, two or three stars being awarded. The quantity of stars earned in each chapter is used to unlock the next chapter.

The types of birds remain the same in Angry Birds Rio as they have been in past games of the series. Regular birds, fast birds, frag birds and bomb birds, in addition to any other bird types that were previously introduced. The game progresses in a similar manner to the original Angry Birds in the fact that it starts very easy and gradually increases in difficulty as the game proceeds.

Conclusion (5 out of 5)

Fans of the Angry Birds series will likely be thrilled with Angry Birds Rio and its true recognition of what makes the Angry Birds series

Angry Birds Rio

so great. The new levels, colorful graphics and slight change in level objectives makes the game new and exciting enough to justify downloading a copy Angry Birds Rio.

Newcomers to the series have picked the perfect time to hop on. Angry Birds Rio offers a handy tutorial to teach users how to play the game. The level design is simple enough to make the game reasonable to play yet challenging enough to keep users addicted, unlike past installments such as Angry Birds Seasons which were simply too complicated.

Angry Birds Rio is the first game in the series that really feels like it would be suitable for children and adults alike. The bright graphics, revamped objective and creative level design makes this a very viable game for children and yet it is challenging enough for serious game players. Overall Angry Birds Rio is an outstanding game and lives up to the name of the staple franchise by Rovio, Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Rio can be downloaded for free from the new Amazon Marketplace for Android for a limited time. This is for US customers only. All other customers will be able to download Angry Birds Rio from the Android Market once it has a widespread release. No pricing options have been announced yet.

*All test and screenshots performed and taken on a Notion Ink Adam running Android 2.2-2.3.


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