Fragger Walkthrough for iPhone: Including Fragger Cheats, Tips, and Hints

Fragger Walkthrough for iPhone: Including Fragger Cheats, Tips, and Hints
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What is Fragger on the iPhone?

Fragger was originally a flash game developed and published by Miniclip on their website, and which grew to become one of the most

popular flash games on the internet. The gameplay of Fragger on the iPhone has not changed much from the original flash version, you play a soldier armed with grenades who is charged with the task of throwing them at the “bad guys”.

Fragger starts off simply by asking you to throw a grenade into a ditch, or over a wall, but the difficulty increases fast, this is why people are always looking for Fragger tips, hints and cheats to help them reach the higher levels.

How do I play Fragger on the iPhone?

Fragger on iPhone

The first level on Fragger is the walkthrough tutorial, which teaches you the basics of how to vary the strength and angle of your throw of the grenade, to allow you to hit the enemy. This works very well with the iPhone Touch screen interface, and I found myself getting the hang of things quite quickly. You start off on the “Easy” difficulty and have a large amount of grenades, as the difficulties increase then the number of grenades you possess goes down.

By moving your finger either closer or further away from your character, you vary the strength of the throw; and it is the angle between where your finger is and the player, which defines the trajectory of the grenade.

Fragger Cheats for New Players

It is not surprising that the difficulty of Fragger increases very quickly and, because of this, people are always looking for Fragger cheats when they get stuck.

There are many different websites and even iPhone apps, that offer Fragger cheats for players. However the sad truth is that there are no Fragger cheats out there currently working, and so the best way for you to succeed is to practice with the game and use the Fragger walkthrough tips and hints, mentioned on the next page.

Fragger Tips and Hints

The best advice available for players of Fragger on the iPhone is to be patient, and carefully plan each grenade throw to use them for most effect. Always work out where you want each grenade to go, and how you plan to get it there. It is always best to plan in Fragger, as even if you throw too long and miss, there is a chance that your grenade will roll backwards towards your target.

In some levels with a small gap, it is even more important that you plan your throws, as if you fail to get your Fragger grenade through the gap then it will roll back towards you, which on higher difficulties is one grenade more than you can afford to lose.

The best way to practice your trajectory and aim in Fragger, is to load up an early level and practice with the controls, so that you can learn the sensitivity of the iPhone touch screen interface. This way you’ll know for sure where each grenade will go when you move away from the iPhone screen.

Fragger Walkthrough of the First Few Levels

This next part of the article is a detailed walkthrough of the first few levels in Fragger, to help you get the hang of things and know what to expect if you are new to the game.

Tutorial level

This first level in Fragger is very simple and is designed to teach you the basics of throwing a grenade, simply follow the step by step walkthrough on screen to throw your grenade and defeat the enemy.

Fragger Tutorial Level

Level One

This level is a step up in difficulty from the first level as it does not contain a walkthrough to tell you how strong your grenades should be. Simply use your skills from the tutorial level to throw the grenade and hit the man in the ditch, and you should have no problem.

Fragger Level One

Level Two

This level is much harder, as not only do you have multiple enemies to defeat, but there is also a wall in the way that you have to try and aim over or work around. My advice is to aim for the man in the ditch first, by throwing a strong grenade which will roll back and hit him, then carefully aim your next Fragger grenade so that it lands on top of the wall and rolls down in front of the man hiding behind it. Like Level One, this level also does not contain any separate tutorial so you have to work out for yourself how to aim your Fragger grenade.

Fragger Level Two

Once you have completed these three levels in Fragger, then you will have a taste of the gameplay and will be ready to continue. With over 40 levels and multiple difficulty levels, Fragger is a game that will keep you busy for many days to come!


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Screenshots taken by author, Leon Eardley.