Top Five Sudoku iPhone Games

Top Five Sudoku iPhone Games
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Featuring 800 unique Sudoku puzzles, this iPhone game would not have been chosen as the Best Sudoku Game of 2008 if not for its many options and features. These options, which are on by default but which you can turn off any time, include - incorrect answers in red, smart buttons, multiple notes, and smart notes. The game’s features include - 800 unique handcrafted puzzles, four different skill levels, challenge a friend mode, multiple color schemes, puzzles solved without guessing, answer hints, best times, progress stats, game pause any time and resume where you left off later and more. (Price: $2.99)

Enjoy Sudoku


This Sudoku game for the iPhone gives you unlimited play with 16 difficulty levels that will be appreciated by both novice and experienced players. What you will appreciate most about this Sudoku iPhone game is the tutorial and advanced hint system. This multi-stage hint system reminds you to get back on track and suggests the exact technique to use to solve a puzzle. Other features of the game include puzzle generator, scan puzzles from books/newspapers using your iPhone’s camera, large and high contrast digits, solver for newspaper puzzles, advanced techniques, optimized user interface, six color schemes, infinite undo/redo and more. True to its name, this game will really make you enjoy Sudoku on your iPhone. (Price: $2.99)

Sudoku Unlimited

sudoku unlimited

Another good iPhone Sudoku game, Sudoku Unlimited provides you with a good puzzle generator that instantly generates new puzzles that suit your skill level. It also features 4 gorgeous skins, 5 difficulty settings, offline play, one-touch note filling, and an intelligent hint system that gives you the next logical step in solving a particular puzzle. The game also automatically saves your progress before you exit and then when you come back it loads to the stage where you left off. And just recently, the game was updated to include a new newspaper skin. (Price: $4.99)

Satori Sudoku

satori sudoku

Whether you are a novice or advanced Sudoku player, this game will give you endless hours of challenging puzzles. The game also features a game generator that produces millions of unique puzzles for you to solve, multiple levels of difficulty, automatic saving of game state, ability to “pencil mark” a cell with possible answers, disable auto-lock of your iPhone, and auto-fill for pencil marks/notes. Unique for this game are highlight mode for showing all valid cells for a selected number, auto mode for showing valid numbers for a selected cell and error mode for marking invalid answers. The game also lets you shake your iPhone to start over a puzzle. (Price: $0.99)

Sudoku Maniac

sudoku maniac

For less than a dollar, you’ll get a great Sudoku game with unlimited puzzles of any difficulty, any time plus the ability to switch between multiple active boards. The game loads fast and will not bother you with lengthy intros or slow animations and it has an easy-to-use interface with big buttons. It also allows you to keep notes and play your iPod music while playing. The game also saves your solve time statistics. (Price: $0.99)