Cut the Rope Walkthrough - Tips & Cheats for the Most Addictive Puzzle Game on iPhone

Cut the Rope Walkthrough - Tips & Cheats for the Most Addictive Puzzle Game on iPhone
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Chillingo’s Puzzle Game for iPhone

Cut the Rope is another addictive puzzle game from Chillingo the creators of the iPhone hit Angry Birds. Players test their accuracy and puzzle solving skills to help out Om Nom a cute green monster with a ferocious sweet tooth. The main objective of the game is to quickly get the piece of suspended candy on a rope to drop into the mouth of Om Nom while snagging bonus stars scattered in each level. Although it may seem simple it can become challenging as levels progress. Bubbles, more complicated ropes, air gushers, and even some obstacles like electric fields appear. In this Cut the Rope walkthrough you’ll learn how to breeze through various stages, helpful techniques, and tips for scoring high.

Cut the Rope Walkthrough Cardboard Box 1-25

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There are 4 level packs known as the Cardboard Box, Fabric Box, Foil Box, and Gift Box. Each pack contains 25 challenging puzzles for players to complete. To clear the levels users need to acquire hanging stars and feed Om Nom the suspended candy without breaking or losing it. Although to pass it only takes one captured star and a satisfied Om Nom in this Cut the Rope walkthrough you’ll learn how to master some of the trickiest levels while grabbing all of the stars. When starting out in the Cardboard Box section simply slide your finger across the screen to cut the rope. Multiple hooks with ropes will be attached to the candy. Gauge the order in which the ropes should be cut by the position of the bonus stars and where the monster is located.

level 1-19

Candy inside of bubbles can float upward reaching high stars. A quick tap will pop the bubble releasing the candy. A rope will automatically appear if candy is directed within the blue dotted circles around hooks. Spikes appear as an obstacle in level 1-16. The best technique is to slash the first rope and let it swing to the hanging star and then cut the second rope when it sways back to the other side lining up above the second suspended star. Players have to respond quickly when the candy is not attached to a rope but is dropped and carried inside bubbles like in level 1-19.

Cut the Rope Walkthrough Fabric Box 1-25

level 22

The Fabric Box section becomes slightly complicated when air cushions enter the mix. These blue bags help blow objects preferably bubbles with candy. In level 2-1 players need to tap the air cushion in order to blow air from the bottom to reach the star in the center. Then use the air cushions to swing the dangling rope to grab the other two. You may have to tap it a couple of times to get the right movement. Around stage 2-9 pesky spiders invade. Try not to let them steal Om Nom’s candy. Slash the rope before they can snag it but make sure it’s a planned move. The second to last level 2-24 in the Fabric Box pack can be tricky. Slash the rope on the right side allowing the candy to adjoin with the left hook under it. Cut the top of the rope. Tap the air cushion several times for some momentum. As it swings towards the right slash the rope launching the treat to the opposite hook grabbing the bonus star. Use the nearby air cushion to assist in angling the rope to drop to Om Nom.

Cut the Rope Walkthrough Foil Box 1-25

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In the Foil Box section levels 11, 20, and 23 vary in difficulty. The multi-touch features along with moving hooks are introduced as well. These horizontal or vertical adjustable hooks can be moved simultaneously by using two fingers. There are vertical hooks with a piece of candy attached to both sides via rope in level 3-11. Players have to use both their fingers. I prefer the pointer and the middle finger but it doesn’t matter. Quickly slide the two ropes in an up and down motion to capture the bonus stars. When you’re near the bottom slice the ropes propelling the candy to Om Nom.

level 3-20

The two finger technique is also necessary for level 3-20. Wait until the electric fields subside and slide both hooks down evenly at the same time. Slide the next pair of hooks down. Slash the top of the rope and slice the lines attached to the last hooks. Move the final two down out of the way and cut across the top of both ropes as the shock waves stop. Do not let the half dozen electrical fields scare you in level 3-23. Slash the rope allowing the bubble to rise. Then cut the adjoined rope on the right side. The bubble will float to the left nabbing a bonus star. Pop the bubble while quickly slashing the bottom rope swinging the candy into the right side bubble. The treat should fly up to Om Nom instantly.

Gift Box 1-25 Walkthrough & Cut the Rope Cheats

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In level 4-14 in the Gift Box section speed is vital. Cut the left and then the right side of the rope. Quickly tap the third air cushion to propel the treat over to the next hook. Slice the last rope while tapping the center and left cushions to guide it towards the green creature. Lastly, in level 4-25 slash both sides of the rope. Let it fall and then cut the right following the left allowing the bubble enclosed treat to float to the nearby hook. Tap the air cushion three consecutive times to push the candy around capturing the bonus stars. Then slice the right rope. Press the air cushion again to align the bubble between the spikes and cut the left side. The treat should attach to the wheel. Slide the hook directly above it and turn to float. It will connect to the adjustable hook which can be moved to grab the additional stars. Push to the right and cut the rope. Then make a final slash to drop into Om Nom’s mouth.

Gift Box level 4-25

Timing and precision is everything in this game. It may take a couple of attempts before you master it. Always scan over the screen for potential maneuvers. A small adjustment or lightning speed may be what you’re missing. A great Cut the Rope cheat for snagging hard to reach stars is to slide moving hooks back and forth rapidly to make the dangling candy thrust forward. When in doubt use two fingers. To watch walkthrough videos for all 100 levels check out App Chronicles, Snork Reviews, and YouTube.