Word and Puzzle Games Guide for Android, iPhone and More

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Everyone likes a good brain teaser and there are some fantastic puzzle games available for all the mobile platforms now. Originally puzzle and word games were a great fit for mobile because they don’t require fancy graphics or complicated controls. However, despite the fact our smartphones have grown more powerful and are now capable of running quite complex games with high-end graphics, puzzle games remain tremendously popular. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they are addictive, accessible and just a lot of fun.

This guide takes a closer look at some of the best puzzle games for the iPhone, the Android platform, the BlackBerry and more. Whatever handset you have you should be able to find something to keep your brain engaged right here.

Great Puzzle Game Round-Ups

Our first batch of brain teasing fun should conjure up enough puzzle action to keep you busy for quite some time. These round ups deal with the top puzzle games on iPhone and Android and there is also a big batch of Tetris-style action for all platforms. The bridge building and physics based options are especially fun, but be warned, you’ll get hooked fast!

You’ll also find some great hidden object games and a range of puzzle games like Bejewelled that are all about matching at least three objects.

Individual Puzzle Game Reviews and Guides

Now we take a look at some of the best individual puzzle games on various mobile platforms. We start out with some reviews of the greatest puzzle games on the iPhone and you’ll find a few guides mixed in there too to help you reach new high scores in your favorites. The number one game Bubble Ball, which was famously developed by a 14 year-old, and the popular Cut the Rope are covered with guides and reviews.

There are also a couple of addictive Android options on offer, a Windows Phone 7 game and a couple of puzzlers that you should be able to find on various platforms. These games all have one thing in common – they offer a great challenge for puzzle fans.

Number Games

The most famous and popular number game in recent years has definitely been Sudoku. It started a real craze. Rather than buy big books of puzzles to fill in you should consider getting an app for your smartphone. A Sudoku app means you don’t need to carry anything extra around and some of them offer regular updates with new puzzles so you’ll have a never-ending supply. We highlight the best options here for Android and iPhone.

To finish off we have a wonderful educational app that will help your kids learn to count and teach them the basics of working with numbers. Many of these kinds of apps claim that they also entertain but this one actually does.

Word Games

For all you wordsmiths out there, these word games for Android, Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone will keep you occupied. Some of them will even allow you to pit your wits against your friends or strangers. There are some great options for Scrabble fans in particular. You’ll also find some help to cheat at Words with Friends and some handy crossword solver apps. Our final article takes a look at a new twist on the classic Hangman.

There are an awful lot more puzzle games and word games out there and new releases hit the market every day. Do you have a particular favorite? Post a comment and let us know.