Top 5 Match Three Games for your iPhone

Top 5 Match Three Games for your iPhone
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The Reactor (5 out of 5)

If you ever played Dr. Mario then you effectively know what The Reactor is and just how much fun it can be. It’s a mix b

etween Tetris and the typical match three games. You have orbs of different colors falling from the sky in pairs of two. You can control where they fall and rotate the orbs in order to control how they fall. When you have three of the same color touching, the orbs will disappear. Each level begins with a group of orbs that are specially marked and the object is to remove all of those so that you can move onto the next level. Each level has more of these and in addition, as you advance, you will sometimes have other obstacles in the way making it more difficult. This is a game that can be played easily for hours and is perfect for someone who likes to play Tetris but has simply played it too much.

(Cost 1.99)

Bejeweled 2 + Blitz (5 out of 5)

bejeweled blitz

Bejeweled was one of the best puzzle games ever made and Bejeweled 2 improves almost every aspect of this game. In this game you can switch any two gems and when three gems of the same type are together they disappear. Get four in a row and you create an explosive gem and with five you get an orb which will remove all gems of one color from the board when used. This, along with the ability to make chains, keeps this simple game fresh, and while blitz doesn’t add a lot to the game by simply having a short time limit, it is a good option for the iPhone because there are many times you will find yourself with five minutes to spare. If you want a classic match three game then this is the best choice.

(Cost: 0.99)

Chop Sushi! (5 out of 5)

Chop Sushi is the combination of an RPG and a match three game. This game requires you to create sushi recipes in order to save people from their inner demons and while this storyline doesn’t make a lot of sense, the game is a lot of fun. It is also very different from most of the other match three puzzle games. You move the Sushi only to the edges, you compete against the computer and you gain levels, and those are just a few of the differences

Chop Sushi


As a competitive game, the matching elements of this game are changed considerably because you not only have to try to make the best matches, but ensure that your opponent does not. The type of matches also matter considerably. Getting poison can damage your opponent while creating recipes can help you regain health or let you destroy large sections of the board. This helps overcome the feeling so many similar iPhone games have of being repetitive.

(Cost: 0.99)

Blackout! (4 out of 5)


Created by Disney, Blackout is not a typical match three game in a couple of important ways. The first is that, in this game simply having three objects of the same type won’t cause them to disappear. Instead you draw lines through any group of at least three of the same type, along with a generator. This allows you to create chains of matched units to clear a path. Light will flow along those paths, you lead that light to the generators, and once all of them are lit you win the level. What makes this fun is that because there are specific locations you are trying to reach, it allows the layout of the levels to have far more influence in the game than the average puzzle game – as you advance through levels, the game feels more like you really are having different experiences keeping the game fun for far longer than many of the others.

(Cost 0.99)

Eyegore’s Eye Blast (4 out of 5)


In Eyegore’s Eye Blast you are able to shoot orbs towards the top of the screen. Match three and they disappear. This is similar to quite a number of games with the balls falling from the screen if you can remove the balls above them. What makes this different is that they are all attached to a chain. This means that when the orbs hit, the chain swings, and the orbs turn. This adds a lot of strategy, because you not only have to try to match orbs, but to hit them in such a way that you can make good use of the next shot. If you’ve played any of the games when you shoot balls at the top of the screen then you should certainly try this one, because it adds a new element to those games both in skill and in timing.

(Cost: 1.99)