iPhone Game Review: Bubble Ball Review

iPhone Game Review: Bubble Ball Review
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Bubble Ball Review

Bubble Ball is a physics puzzle game which is easy to pick up and yet could be mind-puzzling as you reach higher levels. The objective of the game is to drop the bubble ball and guide it to reach the goal flag without causing the ball to fall off the screen. The bubble ball is positioned at one end of the screen while the goal flag is positioned at the other end. Along the path of the bubble ball are wooden or metallic bars with gaps positioned strategically to make it difficult for the bubble ball to reach the flag.

What makes the game tricky is the fact that you have to calculate the path that the bubble ball will take. Sometimes the bubble ball will be positioned above the metallic bars so you must ensure that when you place the metallic or wooden bars, the bubble ball will roll over correctly and will not fall off the screen.

To move the metallic or wooden bars, you simply drag them to the position you desire. You can also change its angle to make it slant a bit. On this note, let me point out that sometimes, doing this can become a bit difficult. The key is to tap them as gently as possible. How I wish the bars could be rotated through multi-gesture control. But unfortunately, you cannot do this. Still, just have a little patience when trying to change the angle of the bars by tapping them gently.

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There are other elements in the game that will help you out with your goal of making the bubble ball reach the finish flag. Objects such as stoppers, gravity reversing arrows as well as arrows that provide turbo boosts can be used in some levels.

The game gives you an unlimited number of tries to make the bubble ball reach its goal. If on one try the ball falls off the screen, you can simply tap on the stop button and the game will revert back to the original position. You can then adjust the placing of the metallic or wooden bars and then tapping on the Start button will make the bubble ball roll again until you succeed in leading it to the flag.

Bubble Ball gives you 21 levels with varying degrees of difficulty. Mind you, while we said that this game is simple, some of the levels were designed to give you a hard time trying to solve them.

Our Verdict

There you have it - our Bubble Ball review. Like we said, Bubble Ball is a pretty simple and yet addictive game. Two things to note here - the game is free and was designed by a 14-year old boy. Those two reasons are enough for you to get this game from the App Store and have a blast playing it.

If you enjoy playing physics puzzle games, you will definitely enjoy playing Bubble Ball. Here’s the download link for Bubble Ball.