iPhone Game Reviews: Trainyard iPhone Game Review

iPhone Game Reviews: Trainyard iPhone Game Review
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Trainyard iPhone Game Review

Trainyard is a simply designed puzzle solving game. Two things that make this iPhone game different from other puzzle solving games are that it is an easy to pick up type of game and it won’t give you a hard time learning how to play it. But learning how to play it is just the tip of the iceberg. Mastering the game is another feat to conquer. In fact, it is a very challenging feat.

The objective of the game is simple. In each of the levels you must get the trains to the goal station. At first, there are just one or two trains and you just need to draw the path which the train will take to get to the station. Trains and stations are color coded. So in levels where there are two or more trains, you need to make sure that the right color of train gets to the right color of station.

There is no time limit to complete all the levels. There is also no scoring. The objective really is just to figure out how to solve the puzzle and finish all the levels.

At first, the puzzles are just a walk in the park. It will take you seconds to finish each of these levels. But as you proceed through the game, the puzzles become more complicated. I’m not saying they are impossible to solve, but it will take some time to do so. That makes the game more entertaining and challenging.

At one point you’ll need to use color theory, combine trains of different colors to come up with a train that matches up to the color of the station. You’ll also be merging or splitting trains at the right time to solve the puzzle.

When it comes to graphics, Trainyard is not the best looking game for the iPhone. But that’s not really important since the game is really all about solving the puzzles. The puzzles will get most of your attention and you will hardly notice the game’s graphics at all.

The game also lets you upload your solutions to the puzzles. You can also browse for solutions uploaded by other players of Trainyard.

Finally, the game’s sound effects. Just about right. Nothing special when it comes to this department.

Our Verdict

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Honestly, the first time I played this game I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. The game graphics are not really that appealing especially since I’m using an iPhone 4. There are other beautifully rendered and designed iPhone games at the App Store. Games that do justice to the iPhone 4’s retina display. But do these games give you great gameplay? Which would you rather choose to play, an iPhone game with the best looking graphics and game environment but with lousy gameplay or a simple looking game with great puzzles and challenges?

In case you choose the second option, Trainyard is the game for you. The Trainyard iPhone game is available from the App Store for $0.99. Here’s the download link.