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Bubble Ball: Walkthrough

by: Natalie Hill ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 6/7/2012 • Leave a comment

Bubble Ball, a physics game to test your logic skills, has fast made it into the top ten free apps in the App Store and with its addictive puzzles it is easy to see why. If you're looking for the answers, here is a simple walkthrough with pictures for each level to help you complete Bubble Ball.

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    The Basics

    Bubble Ball The rules of Bubble Ball are simple, you must position the pieces to help the ball get to the flag pole. You can drag them, tap on them to rotate and hit 'Start'. To make it interesting, the metal pieces will stay where you position them but the wood will be affected by gravity. You'll also get 'Power-ups' which will either slow the bubble down, change gravity or give it a burst of speed. Sound easy? Granted, some of the levels are, but you'll most likely be stumped by others, so here's the Bubble Ball walkthrough.

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    Level 1

    Level 1 Simply drag the wooden ramp to sit on the ground below the bubble ball and hit start.

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    Level 2

    Level 2 Here you will need to drag down the metal planks one at a time, positioning them in a line to towards the flag pole and hit start.

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    Level 3

    Level 3 You need to drag down and position the wood so that the first piece is over the gap at the bottom, position the second piece below the bubble ball, so it hangs over the first piece. The wooden plank will fall giving speed and direction to the bubble ball.

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    Level 4

    Level 4 Here you just need to drag the square below the bubble ball on the ground and position the plank so that the left side is in line with the left side of the square. Gravity will make the plank fall pushing the bubble ball towards the flag pole and over the dip.

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    Level 5

    Level 5 First drag the wooden ramp to the bottom right, tapping it to turn it around. Then drag the wooden plank below the bubble ball so that when gravity hits, it will fall and push it towards the ramp, which in turn will push it towards the flag pole.

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    Level 6

    Level 6 Place the shorter plank below the bubble ball, tapping it until it is vertical, then place the longer plank on top so that it falls with gravity pushing the bubble ball forward.

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    Level 7

    Level 7 On this level just take three of the planks and place them along the gaps in the ground with small spaces, then place the power-up at the start to make the bubble ball run past the gaps and reach the flag pole.

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    Level 8

    Level 8 Here just tap the metal ramp until it faces the opposite way from when you drag it out, then position the metal planks to the left of it to carry the bubble ball to the flag pole.

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    Level 9

    Level 9 Here's where it gets a bit tricky, first position the ramp directly under the bubble ball with the speed power-up just as it comes down to hit the ground next to the ramp. Now this will make your bubble ball fly across the gap to the flag pole but it will land short of the goal. To make the bubble ball reach the flag pole you will need to make sure the metal circle is positioned exactly where it will fall and the power-up where the bubble ball rises to.

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    Level 10

    Level 10 This level may look intimidating but the bubble ball answers to this are simple, just position the power-up on the bubble ball to guide it up, and the power-up to the right at the point the bubble ball will reach the top.

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    For the Bubble Ball walkthrough for levels 11 to 21 go to page 2.

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    Level 11

    Level 11 For this level you just need to tap the metal ramps until you have them positioned in a sloped pathway to the flag pole.

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    Level 12

    Level 12 This is another tricky level, first position the wooden ramp under the bubble ball with the first power-up to go against the opposing slope. Next the second power-up, to steer the bubble ball down, must go just where it rises to meet the top of the playing area. It will now rise and fall over the obstacle and reach the flag pole.

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    Level 13

    Level 13 Now position the two ramps on ground level, one where the bubble ball falls, and the second in the opposite way for when it falls. The last thing here is to place the power-up below the flag pole so that the bubble ball rises to meet it.

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    Level 14

    Level14 First place the wooden circles in the ridges, then the first power-up must go where the ball starts, it will sail across and fall down the third ridge, the next power-up goes where this lands and the third is to enable it to float to the flag pole.

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    Level 15

    Level 15 Another slightly tricky level, place the metal ramp under the bubble ball, with the wooden thick plank on the ground to the right of this. Now place the remaining plank to rest on the other plank and the bubble ball when falling will gain enough momentum to roll over the slight incline and reach the goal.

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    Level 16

    Level 16 Now put the first power-up where the ball lands to push it along the ground, the next one to float it and the third in the air above the second to push it to the flag pole.

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    Level 17

    Level 17 Place the first ramp below the bubble ball. Place a power-up just under the flag pole and another ramp will need to be positioned in the opposite direction in the air by tapping it, just to make sure it doesn't miss the flag pole.

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    Level 18

    Level 18 This is probably the most difficult level, but with a little guidance you can complete this level of Bubble Ball with no problems. First place the wooden cube above the bubble ball so that the bottom left side is closest to it. Now place the other piece of wood at the same angle it as you drag it just above the ground below the bubble ball. This will shoot it into the air so you will need to place the metal plank at an angle to direct the landing to the flag pole.

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    Level 19

    Level 19 Place the first plank across the middle and furthest ledges away from the bubble ball. The next plank needs to stretch under it and sit on the first. Now the power-ups need to go where the bubble ball lands to push it left, then up, then left again and finally down to the flag pole.

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    Level 20

    Level 20 The first thing to do here is place the two ramps at opposite ends of where the ball drops and where we want it to rise, with the power-ups to speed the bubble ball at the bottom of the first ramp and the top of the second. So that it reaches its goal you also need to place the metal plank above the flag pole to keep it on track.

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    Level 21

    Level 21 This one can also be a bit tricky the first time you do it, you just need to keep the plank of wood at an angle to hit the bubble ball off, and position the wooden cube above the ball as we did earlier with the smaller plank of wood lay on the ground. When everything falls, the ball will be hit towards the plank at an angle and will shoot up and fall to the flag pole.

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    We hope this Bubble Ball walkthrough has been helpful for you to complete Bubble Ball, we're looking forward to the next installment!