Tiny Wings Tips and Tricks

Tiny Wings Tips and Tricks
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Basic Controls

The key to excelling at Tiny Wings is learning how to make gravity your friend. Before moving on to more complicated concepts, it is a good idea to refresh yourself on the basic control mechanics.

The only control you have of your bird is timing when you do, or don’t, flap your tiny wings. Lifting your finger off the screen at the right moment as you ascend a hill will launch you into the air. Distance and collecting coins will boost your score. Maintain your velocity correctly, while balancing that with coin collecting, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Touchy Teacher

Tiny Wings Touch Teacher

Practice makes perfect, and every time you play Tiny Wings you are technically practicing. But just like athletes, this game has provided a coach to train you. Many don’t realize that the Touch Teacher, which you see the first few times you play, can be re-enabled, and can be a great tool for training. Its accessible through the Main Menu, under the Help button. Once enabled, touch the screen when you see the finger. This will help you hone your technique, and develop a more instinctual feeling for the game’s timing. Once you have a better feel for the timing of your taps, you can disable the Touch Teacher and keep improving your scores!

Fever Mode

Tiny Wings Fever

Unlock Fever Mode to push those scores even higher. It’s activated by performing three perfect slides in a row. You’ll see your bird launch to the top of the screen and stars will burst out of him. Fever mode will continue until you fail to perform a perfect slide. Once you’ve practiced with the Teacher for a while this should be a piece of cake! Simply touch the screen when your bird has reached the peak of his flight arc, and he’ll plummet to the ground. The key is to use his velocity from the fall to propel him back upwards. This must be timed so that you lift your finger at the exact top left side, and the beginning, of the valley between hills.


Tiny Wings Clouds

Flying high enough to touch the clouds will also nab you bonus points. The best way to achieve this, other than getting maximum air, is hitting the blue coins, which provide speed boosts. When you hit one, be aware, and make the most of it! Be careful though, sometimes you may want to avoid the blue speed coins, depending on the upcoming terrain. Regulate your speed by purposely bouncing lightly off the tops of hills.

Memorization is essential, especially after you enter level three. Remembering coin locations will help boost your score, and remembering key hills will help you formulate a timing strategy.

Tap That Bird

Perfecting your double tap is the next step to honing your game. It allows you to maintain better control of your velocity, and therefore, your movement. This is especially useful when you’re not familiar with the terrain. Simply tap the screen gently to level out your flight. You will know you’ve done this correctly if your bird isn’t gaining or losing altitude, and instead, is parallel with the ground.

Don’t Panic!

Tiny Wings Gold

A miss-timed dive or release, which quickly snowballs into a feedback loop of momentum loss, is the mistake most likely to trip you up in Tiny Wings. The farther along you are, the steeper the hills, and the harder it becomes to recapture that momentum. Its tempting to dive at the first valley you see at this point, to launch from as many hills as possible, but acting hastily is more likely to cause you to mistime your plummet than speed you up. Soar, and pick one hill that you’ll be able to land a perfect slide on, and make it count. You should get back into the rhythm shortly.


Tiny Wings has 27 achievements, but most simply involve getting better at collecting coins, perfect slides, and maintaining Fever Mode. Achievements will upgrade your nest, and in turn will multiply your score. Two techniques can be applied to both achievement types.

  • “34” achievement: Stay in Fever Mode for 34 seconds. Once you’ve practiced with the Touch Teacher this should require little effort on your part.

  • Unlock the “10 Perfect Slides on the First Level” achievement by doing just as its title says. This requires subtle control of your bird, by making use of the double-tap technique. The hills in level one are frequent but shallow, making it easier for new

    Tiny Wings Blue

    players, but it also makes hitting ten perfect jumps much more difficult. Tap precisely when your bird has achieved a perfect, which breaks your velocity, keeping you close to the ground. Then, release to get distance, then touch and hold to dive, hopefully hitting the spot you need to launch into another perfect jump.

  • For the “Upside Down” achievement, simply prove to the game that you know it backwards and forwards. Hold your phone so the picture is upside down, starting at level one, and get to at least level five. This will earn you a 20X score multiplier.

King of the Hills

The key to unlocking all the achievements in Tiny Wings is practice. With a little patience, and a few well-honed skills, it is doable. With nine islands to skip across, and multiple nest levels, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. Just remember to keep a handle on your flight speed and height and you’ll be blowing your friend’s scores out of the water in no time.