Crush The Castle iPhone Review

What’s it all about?


Due to its overwhelming success, many iPhone owners may think that Angry Birds is the only destroy-the-building physics game available for their handheld. But even while living in the shadow of its flashier, even better selling cousin, Crush The Castle has managed to claw itself a solid spot on the all-time best selling list.

The premise is simple, and will be mighty familiar to Angry Birds fans; you launch an arsenal of projectiles at enemies who have taken cover in structures that you must destroy. However, instead of a slingshot and a bunch of feathered friends, you are given a weapon for the ages; a trebuchet. You are presented with a set number of projectiles that lowers depending on what level award you are trying to achieve. For example, if you kill all the enemies with only two projectiles you’re probably going to be getting a gold, but if it takes you five shots you may not be getting any award at all.

You’ll take your one-weapon army on a tour of neighboring territories, destroying strongholds and generally messing with the enemy. Once you have taken out all the enemy outposts you’ll take over the territory for your own. In order to unlock new territories to conquer you must gain a certain skill level in your current area’s levels. Levels are rated on a bronze, silver and gold basis, so it goes without saying that gold is the easiest way to unlock new adventures.

As you progress in the game you gain access to ever increasingly damaging weaponry to battle the also-increasing number of enemies and complexity of the structures in which they hide. At the beginning of the game you may be doing nothing more than launching large rocks at wooden walls, and by the end of the game you’ll be creating black holes to suck in entire castles on a whim.

Graphics, Audio and Verdict


As far as visuals go, Crush The Castle isn’t exactly the most impressive example of what the iPhone can do. While it may be more realistic, with scaled structures and down-to-earth weaponry, that doesn’t exact make it the most stunning game ever. Still, the graphics get the job done and never feel like they’re holding the experience back from being enjoyable. Structures topple with realistic physics, and the more destructive weaponry offers cool explosions and other effects.

The audio in Crush The Castle is handled well, with satisfying explosions and audible groans of enemies you have dispatched. The background score is a traditional medieval theme that you’ll recognize.

As far as whether or not Crush The Castle deserves a reserved spot in your own personal iPhone games library, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. If you enjoyed Angry Birds, you’ll undoubtedly feel the same addictive nature of its classier cousin. However, if you haven’t had the opportunity of playing either of these gems, Crush The Castle still holds the same high recommendation regardless. There isn’t anything like the Golden Eggs to keep you playing once mastering every level, but there is still a decent game to be had.