High School Hero Game Review

High School Hero Game Review
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What is High School Hero?

High School Hero or HSH is an iPhone, iPod, and iPad RPG game available from the App Store where users become high school students competing for rank. Players choose their preferred gender and select one of three classes. The Jock or Tomboy class recovers energy quickly. The Cheerleader or Pretty Boy earns more popularity boosts for certain tasks. The Nerd or Bookworm class utilizes their superior intellect to increase overall income. Similar to real life – social status is everything. Players perform school activities, attend parties, work, date, shop, and occasionally fight to earn popularity. Exchange High School Hero friend codes on profile walls or join cliques to build up your reputation.

High School Hero - Gameplay (5 out of 5)

HSH Activities

In High School Hero there’s a lot to do which makes the gameplay interesting. Much like Mafia Wars players perform text based jobs known as activities. In school students can attend Computer Science class or swim on the JV team. Work part time at the Banana Monarchy store or post on your Fashion blog to generate cash. Each completed action increases stats in charm, strength, or intelligence. Tasks also require an allotted amount of energy and attribute level in order to participate. As players level up they can do more complicated activities like work for the local mob. Attend parties as well. Go to the house party where only the cool kids are invited or drop by the business social to network with other future leaders.

Using High School Hero Friend Codes

High School Hero Friend Codes

Adding friends is essential for advancing in the game. Each player has a profile and wall that functions similar to Facebook or other social networking sites. Players can post their friend codes in the comments or send messages. The more friends they have, the stronger a player becomes. Exchange High School Hero friend codes through posting or form a clique. Another excellent feature in the game is dating. Players can ask another player out, get hooked up on a blind date, or host one of their own. Choose from over a dozen venues and increase popularity in the process. At any time players can battle each other for a chance to earn extra money. The winner is determined by the user with the highest stats.

Interface & Graphics (4 out of 5)

HSH shop

High School Hero features a relatively easy to use interface. Players can quickly tap any of the icons at the bottom of the screen to access a different part of the game. Whether it’s necessary to fight, shop, or complete homework, minimal effort is required. Although the game is primarily text based the colorful scenes depict an animated world inhabited solely by teens. In the shop players can customize their hero with the latest trends. The clothing and accessories in this game are very expensive. A knock-off baseball hat costs $2,580. A pair of skinny jeans is $171,000 and that’s one of the cheaper items in the store. Most of the outfits are priced in the millions which requires some serious HSH playing time to accumulate.

Overall Rating: (4 out of 5)


This game is absolutely addictive. Most players will find themselves obsessed with boosting their stats and earning precious popularity points. The social aspects of the game are nicely implemented to reflect true to life school days. Go to class, make new friends, get a tutor, date, play sports, work, or battle other players to see who’s the coolest of the cool. Humor mixes well with reality to form a unique role playing experience for iPhone users. Rewrite the past or relive the good ole days. Players become the sweetheart or athlete they’ve always wanted to be in High School Hero.


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