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Mafia Wars Guide: How to Get Reward Points

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Wondering how to get Mafia Wars reward points? Here is a guide on how to buy and use Reward Points in this free iPhone RPG.

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    In the War

    Mafia Wars, a game that came from MySpace to the iPhone, follows the financial lead of many of the other free iPhone RPGs.

    Instead of charging for the game, adding banner ads to its interface or integrating other pay features, the developers offer a way to get Reward Points through a financial exchange. This is a way for players to cheat outside of the normal game flow and actually pay for points that then give them things like more money, members to their Mafia and refills for their different statistical pools.


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    Using Reward Points Wisely

    Mafia Wars has been offering a number of promotional packages of Reward Points in an effort to make players download the updates for the game. When you have some of these Reward Points you may want to spend them wisely.

    When you are at the main Mafia Wars display go to the lower right hand corner of the screen and select The Godfather. From here, you will be taken to the screen where you are able to spend your Reward Points. On the top blue bar it will list how many you have. Below will be a number of different places you can focus your Points, like getting an energy refill for a specific amount of money. Next to it on the right hand side will be a button that lists how many Reward Points that item will cost. Most of these are around ten, but some are only a few and others go up to twenty.

    When spending your Reward Points it is important to focus on things that will be permanent and are hard to get at your current stage. Spending twenty Points to get “1 extra mafia member” is a bad purchasing decision because it is easy to add members to your mafia. Always avoid using the Reward Points to regenerate your health or stamina. This would really just be used for fighting and fighting is not financially lucrative enough to make the Points purchase worth it. The best focus will be to spend it on money, and if you are in later levels you may want to spend it on energy refills so you can perform more high paying jobs.


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    Buying Reward Points

    If you want to purchase more Reward Points, you start by going back to the Godfather menu. Right next to your list of points is a button that says Get More Points. Once you press this you will be taken to another menu where you can buy packages of forty two, eighty five, or one hundred and seventy Reward Point packages. Press the Buy Now button next to the option you want and then you will be taken to the Featured tab in the App Store where you can purchase your Mafia Wars option.