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Old and New

Gaining success in Mafia Wars depends on integrating conventional techniques that are shared by other text based iPhone RPGs and some that are unique to Mafia Wars. The way this is done is by looking at all the games that Mafia Wars shares traits with and working within the game to find what ends up elevating your status. Here are a few tips to help you when starting out in Mafia Wars.

Classic Mafia Tips

The first thing to remember is some things that are true in Mafia Wars as well as its cohorts. Instead of leveling up quickly, it is important to sit on specific levels for quite a while. This is done so that you can end up becoming the best equipped person at any given level before moving on. This should only be done after you get a few levels in, such as levels eight or nine. The reason for this is that you have to do enough jobs to get money for property purchases.

Mafia Property is the most important part of Mafia Wars as this is the way you will make money without actually begin forced to receive experience points. On top of this is a need to get as large a mafia as possible within the first few levels. Go ahead and search online for people posting their Player ID numbers, like mine which is 7004 8928 31.

Mafia Buyers Guide

When you are progressing through the game, make sure that your weapon purchases are directly correlated to their mafia size. Since jobs are not going to be your primary source of income, the weapon cache does not affect them too much. This means that the main focus of your weapon purchase should be based on your mafia. Keep in mind that weapons and mafia size is going to determine your success when fighting against other Mafia Wars players.

Fast Real Estate

It’s important to begin buying property with the first sum of money you are able to acquire from doing jobs. This is made even easier by the fact that Mafia Wars makes begin acquiring properties faster and at easier to do at earlier levels. This means you have a more lax chance to get off official mafia jobs as a main income source.

Max Powers

Mafia Wars allows you to fight people of a higher level than you do, which should always be avoided. If you have been sitting on a single level for quite some time and have a large weapons and mafia size then you can try it with a level or two above you, but it has a low rate of success.

Select those of the same level as you or below. Choose to fight people in the same class as you, unless you are a Brawler. If that is the case, you can feel comfortable fighting most other people and you have a little bit more wiggle room as it applies to fighting those of higher Mafia Wars levels.

Stock Up

Make sure that you keep up with the highest level of weapons that are available for your level in Mafia Wars. This is especially important if you have recently leveled up a few places as you have immediately made yourself more vulnerable to attack.

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