iMafia Tips: Tips for Fighting

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Fighting Your Way Out

Fighting in iMafia is a difficult proposition because the amount of information available to you is different from that given in similar free iPhone games like iMob Online or WarLords. Instead of being allowed graphic details about possible opponents, you are given different kinds of status classifications that you must decode according to knowledge of iMafia. Here are a few things to think about when trying to fight to gain cash.

iMafia Limitations

One thing you can be sure about is that there are not going to be anyone with an unreasonable advantage over you, as there might be in games like iMob Online. To get members into your mafia you have to spend your game money, and to forgo that with actual financial payments would be unreasonable. Since iMafia forces you to level up according to the amount of experience points you have been given you can be ensured that no one will be camping on levels.

iMafia Classes

The classes in iMafia do say quite a bit about you as a character. These classes should be abided by closely in the game because they are designed to work best in those fields. If you are going to fight quite a bit then you must select Brawler as your class. If you are of one of the other iMafia classes you should never select to fight a Brawler as you will be at a major disadvantage. Try to fight someone of either your class or an undeclared class. Unfortunately, you will really only be able to find undeclared classes early in iMafia.

Weapons Upgrade

Make sure to upgrade your weapons and defensive gear for each level you go up in iMafia. This includes personal body armor especially; but also make sure to get new weapons as they become available. Without these, you will be at an unreasonably low advantage.

iMafia Mogul

If you are of the Mogul class, you may want to avoid fighting for the most part. It will not give you a great amount of money if you win and it will force experience points on you. Try to use this sparingly.

iMafia Brawler

If you are a Brawler and intend on fighting quite a bit, make sure you focus your level points in this direction. This includes spending these points on Attack and Defense and Stamina. You can then develop your iMafia account so that it is specified toward fighting.