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Inside Mafia Warfare

The hospital feature extends to Mafia Wars, which brings a little visual flare that makes it feel as though it was an advertisement ripped from the back of a pulp tabloid. In Mafia Wars, The Doctor is the place where you go to pay to be healed, which is usually done so you will be able to continue completing Jobs and engaging in Fights. Here are some tips for using The Doctor in Mafia Wars.

Mafia Wars Doctor

When you are at the main Mafia Wars screen select The Doctor, which is in the middle column at the very bottom. When you enter The Doctor you will be given a brief phrase attempting to let you know about the insurance policy as it concerns gun shots. Below the comical touchstone it will list the Doctor’s Fee. Below that, you can choose to Pay Fee or hit the No Thanks button. The cost of the Doctor’s Fee is relative to your financial position and the amount of health you need to repair.

Mafia Wars Tips

It is always questionable whether you should pay to repair yourself in any of the MMO text-based iPhone RPG or not. This is usually because it is very expensive and often you have to use a banking system that costs a deposit fee as well. You do not have to use any kind of bank in Mafia Wars, so you may think that this would make it more economic. This is an incorrect assumption.

In reality, using The Doctor in Mafia Wars is possibly the most expensive out of all of the hospital healing features in all of the MMO text-based iPhone RPG titles. The cost is almost always so unreasonable that you would never want to use it. Your Mafia Wars character will heal on its own and you do not have to pay The Doctor. The only time that you should use the Mafia Wars Doctor is when money is no longer an issue and you want to complete a number of fights in a row. This is only beneficial if you have a large pool of Stamina in your Mafia Wars account.

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