Mafia Wars for iPhone Review: How the Game Works & How Friend Codes Can Help

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Ballin' Out of Control

Would you consider yourself a Mogul, Criminal or a Brawler? Really? Have you heard that before? I’m sure you have. These are the opening decisions that you have with Mafia Wars, a “cleverly” named incarnation of the free iPhone RPG world. Instead of Zynga bringing anything new whatsoever, it copies all the other tired criminal phone enterprises and slaps on a comic book visual style that is intended to cover up the fact that there isn’t even the smallest amount of new elements beyond presentation. Strange enough, Mafia Wars may still be the best of all the Mafioso simulators on the iPhone.

Inside Mafia Wars

The game design in Mafia Wars is parallel to all others like iMafia, iMob Online, and Mafia LIVE. You set your position at the beginning, which desides what your angle will be, like if you are going to be more proficient at fighting or making money.

Once you enter the game you start by performing jobs to gain money and experience points. You use this money to purchase weapons to help you in fights against other players and perform more advanced jobs. You then use most of your money to invest in properties that then gives you money on a constant cycle.

You can visit the doctor to pay to heal yourself after losing fights, and even visit the godfather to spend your “reward” points on different additions or help. Yes, reward points are much different that respect points, ask any iMob Online player.

Where it Succeeds

What sets this game apart is very minor, but still makes it stand above most of the others. The Mafia Wars interface is colorful and pleasant, even though it can have issues connecting to the server at times. You add people to your mafia for strength and to perform advanced jobs, and this is made even easier because your Player ID is posted right on the main display under a graphic of your posturing with a gun in pure Reservoir Dogs fashion. Now you can follow the lead of games like iMob Online and post your Mafia Wars Player ID all over the internet. The more you can add the better, my friend code is 7004 8928 31.

The property section does not demand quite as much money right off the bat, though it does give you a smaller return immediately. This can be a nice benefit because it lets you begin the switch over to property at a little bit of a quicker pace.

Choose Well

No, this is nothing new and you should not expect it to be. However, if you are not already playing one of the other text based iPhone RPGs then Mafia Wars should be your choice. Seven out of ten stars.

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