iMob Online Beginner Guide to Characters, Levels, and Missions To Help You Get Started

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iMob Deep

Some of the best and most popular games that are available for the iPhone are ones that utilize communication and cooperation in their gameplay. Over all, there is a consensus that only having quick play distractions on their phone is not enough and games that require connectivity and return play are preferred. One of the most interesting and addictive is iMob Online, a game that comes strait from the networking website world. With this game you run a numbers battle, where you perform jobs, add people to your group, and purchase weapons and property. iMob itself can be somewhat complicated and making the correct choices can lead you to the top of the pack.

iMob Hustle and Flow

When you first begin iMob, you are offered the choice between three different classes of characters, each with their own special advantage. The Hustler is often thought of as the best choice because it has the shortest money cycle, but you may want to choose Adrenaline if you plan on leveling up very quickly.

Leveling Nowhere

When you are going along you have the ability to fight other people on the network, but are really only relegated to people of your same level. This means that only those who made the most perfect moves will be able to be successful and the likelihood is that you will be subject to a lot of unprovoked attacks. One way around this is to stop doing missions and leveling up for quite a while at a lower level. Once you have purchased a number of properties that will promise you a strong cyclical income then you just rely on that for money. From here you can begin purchasing weapons and defensive items in bulk. If you do this for quite a while you will become stronger most people in your level and then once you begin leveling up again you will still have a leg up.

Robbed by the iMob Bank

Once you have elevated your status by acquiring a number of weapons there is no reason to use the bank. The bank is a good way of protecting your money if you are consistently losing attacks, but if you are not then it ends up being a costly solution to money storage.

iMob Missions and Weapons

When you are looking at your energy bar slowly accumulate points you may be tempted to go with the smallest energy costing job to get money and experience points. This is really never a good idea as the highest cost mission is really the only one whose payout is relative to your status in iMob. Any lower ones will not give you any type of significant monetary or experience reward because at your level the requirement for any acquisition or upward mobility is much more costly. Always hold out for the highest cost missions. This is also true when deciding to purchase large numbers of the same weapon. These will help your attack and defense during fights, but only go for the most powerful ones that you can get. Otherwise you are not going to make much of a difference in your profile. Never sell off your weapons because what you will receive financially is not comparable to what you will lose.

Respect Points

If you feel like sinking a lot of unnecessary cash into iMob then buy respect points from iTunes. These allow you to buy things from the Don such as a full energy bar or new mob members. If you are going to do this you really should only use them to fill up your energy bar and do not do this unless you have a large reserve that is completely empty. Never use it to get mobsters for your crew.

Build Up Your iMob Crew

Right from the beginning, you should start trying to add mobsters to your crew. You may only need a few for the missions you are going to try and perform but they will help you in most situations. You can use the location tool, but it tends to be fairly weak in its signal. Go online and look at iMob message boards and you will find people openly posting their Friend Codes everywhere. Add as many people as you possibly can indiscriminately. My code is 118081495.

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