iMob Online Tips: Increasing Your Bounty Kills

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When you are going after the Bounty Wins number you have a lot of trouble to deal with. In the later stages of iMob Online you are judged against other players by your performance number as listed on your iMob Online My Profile page. Bounty Kills is one of the rarest of numbers and usually has the least, which is why you can truly estimate the effectiveness of an iMob Online character by how large it is. Unfortunately, iMob Online Bounty Kills are very difficult and the majority of times when you attack an iMob Online players Marked for Death you will lose. Here is an easy strategy for increasing your number of iMob Online Bounty Kills.

iMob Online Bounty Kills

Go ahead and go into the Fight option on the iMob Online Home page, which is directly below Missions and above Weapons. Go ahead and find an iMob Online player who has far less mobsters than those allowed by their current level. You can always find what the allowance is by multiplying their level by ten. As long as they have less than this, and you have more, you are going to be set on almost every attack. View their iMob Online My Profile page by hitting the View button on the left hand side of their bar.

Once you are in here begin attacking them. Attack them until it is indicated that they are in the hospital and cannot be attacked further. After this kick them two or three times to lower their life even further. Once you feel as though their HP is in the very bottom percent go ahead and hit the Mark for Death button, which will then pop up a window telling you how much it is to put a bounty on that iMob Online player and asking you if you want to do it. Select OK and the bounty will be placed on that character. Immediately go to the Marked tab and find the iMob Online player you Marked for Death.

Once you see them in there attack them once or twice, and even if you lose the first one they do not have enough life to sustain them period. You will win this fight almost immediately, collect back the bounty that you placed on that iMob Online character, and increase your Bounty Kills by one. You can do this several times when you are trying to increase your Bounty Kills and it can be done very quickly. Make sure that you have a huge pool of stamina to do this as you are going to have to spend stamina in the first attack, to put the bounty on the iMob Online players, and to attack them for the Bounty Kill. Make sure to get to Marked quickly otherwise someone may claim the bounty on the marked player.

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