iMob Fighting Tips For Higher Level Missions: Know Your Enemies and Pick Your Battles Carefully

Another Level

For those players that have stuck with iMob Online through the levels they begin to realize that they are in an elite position. Few have iMob Online accounts higher than level twenty five and the large influx on money and caches of costly weapons you have end up changing the rules of the game a little bit. There are a few other things to keep in mind when you have reached higher positions in iMob Online.

Fighting and Emergency

The first thing you have to realize is that most battles that you fight with other players result in high payouts, often at the maximum of seventy thousand dollars. At this level you also likely have a large library of stamina to pull from, so after numbers of battles you will end up suffering in terms of low life instead of low stamina. This is especially true because the health position that qualifies you as an emergency room patient is much higher because it is based on percentage of your total health and not a fixed number.

What this ends up meaning is that it is not as much of a waste of money to pay emergency room bills to restore you life. Since the average payout will be much higher than the entire sum to regenerate your life it serves to reason that in this situation it is prudent to keep a small sum in the bank specifically for this situation.


You have to take a general assessment as to where you have put the majority of your points during your leveling in iMob Online. If you did not place the majority of them in the attack and defense areas then you are going to need many more weapons to beat comparatively armed people who did focus more on attack and defense points.

Since you can only carry a fixed number of weapons as maxed out by the calculation done against your level you will need to accept the fact that some players will always beat you even though you have the highest quality locker of weapons and defensive tools. If this continues to happen to you make sure you focus on players with less than half of the mob you have, mostly because this is a sign that they have not spent the same amount of time strategically designing their iMob Online character as you have. If they have less people in their mob than five times your current level then they will not even be able to hold as many weapons or defensive items as you and they should be your main focus.

Level Camping

It is even more important at later levels in iMob Online to hold off on leveling up as much as possible and focus less on missions for money. Since your property at this time will be providing much more sizable returns than missions you should try to go without them as much as possible. This way you stop earning experience points but continue to grow in terms of finance, real estate, and weapons. That is the best way to make your iMob Online account as strong as possible. This is especially true for later missions that require a certain number of unnecessary properties and defensive vehicles.

Limit Weapons

Since weapons and defensive items are expensive at this level and have a high upkeep cost it is important to only keep as many as you can actually use in your iMob Online account. Remember the calculation that gives a firm number of mobsters that can be used at each level. If you are having trouble figuring this out fight a few players and see if they have a common high number. If you go above this number these items are not being used and are wasteful.

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