iMob Online Tips: Kill Count

Kill Count

When you reach the higher levels in iMob Online, mainly above level forty, your goals begin to change. Instead of just reaching more properties, weapons and missions you will begin to see these things wane and instead want to raise your prominence amongst iMob Online players. This is often done in a number of ways, such as adding to your mob, getting the most money and winning fights.

Within the battle between iMob Online players this can be estimated in the numbers. When looking at you’re My Profile page, which is under Top Mobbers and above My iMob on the iMob Online Home page, you are going to see statistics for your performance in iMob Online. This includes the total number of jobs completed, fights won, fights lost, death count and bounty kills. One of these is kill count, which shows how many different iMob Online players you have actually killed in battle. This is a very difficult task because once you have sent an opponent into the hospital you are prevented from attacking them again.

In normal iMob Online fights you have to simply be lucky enough to attack them just right to kill them without ever leaving their health points low enough to put them into the hospital. This is next to impossible to do at higher levels when their life points are usually very high. If you want to raise your kill count, which is one of the deciding factors to indicate a top player, there is a strategy you can take when fighting.


Go into Fight on the iMob Online Home page. Here you will see a number of different iMob Online players that you can fight. Find one with a lower mob number than that allowed by their level and hit the View button on the left hand side of their display. This will take you to their iMob Online My Profile page.

At the top you will have three options: Kick, Attack and Mark for Death. Begin attacking them, and do this until it is indicated that they are Hospitalized. After each attack you will be brought back to their My Profile page where you can choose from the options again. Once it is told to you that they are in the hospital begin to select Kick instead of Attack. Kick delivers much less damage, but also does not leave you open to receiving any damage or loss. You are also allowed to Kick them when they are in the hospital. Begin Kicking them as much as you can until it says Iced That Punk, which means you killed the iMob Online opponent. This kill will then add to your iMob Online kill count as indicated on you’re My Profile page.

This is a great strategy for raising your kill count, but if you just want to raise the number of fights you have won you should just go with Attack as the Kick will not count in this. If you want to try this strategy you are going to need to plan for it by raising both your attack and stamina during leveling up. If you do not have a large enough bank of iMob Online stamina you will not be able to attack and Kick enough to actually kill the opponent.

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