iMob Online Tips: Increasing Your Fights Won

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Fights Won

In the upper levels of iMob Online, you can define yourself by your statistics as it relates to fights. Fighting other iMob Online players is a main feature of gameplay and really the only important feature in the higher plateau. Once you hit a certain level there are little more milestones to look forward to and instead you begin crafting your iMob Online character for battle.

When you look at the performance statistics you can then see how well a player has done. There are different ways to look at this, especially on the extremes of kill count and death count. Looking at the numbers of fights won and lost in general is a better way to determine how well someone has been at the competition. If you are looking to increase the number of fights won by a dramatic amount there is a good plan to follow to limit the negative impact on your iMob Online character.


At levels above forty you will likely have a very large mob. If you have over several hundred people you will probably have several people far below you in level and mob size. If you go through the normal Fight option you will only find characters of the same level as you.

Instead, you are going to want to find people that cannot compare to you what so ever. Go through your own mob and try to find iMob Online characters that are at half the level of you. These are the people you should begin fighting on a regular basis. Once you find them select to view their profile and select Attack from the middle of the top options you have. Since you are looking to raise your number of iMob Online fights won then it does not matter how many players you actually kill. Because of this you want to attack until they are hospitalized and then move on.

To kill a character from here you are going to have to kick them since you cannot attack a hospitalized iMob Online player. Forget this process and simply move on to the next player once they are in the hospital so that every stamina point you use is used on an actual fight. If you keep the characters half of your own level you can guarantee that you will never lose a fight and will limit the amount of health you will have to pay out during the battle. Avoid attacking iMob Online players that are Marked for Death because the chance of winning is much smaller in almost all cases.

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