How to Add Members to Your iMafia Los Angeles Account on Your iPhone Account

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Inside Jobs in iMafia Los Angeles

iMafia Los Angeles may be a ridiculous lake image of the original iMafia, but that does not take away from the new players forging through its criminal back alleys. When in their you will begin to see that iMafia Los Angeles is a PlayMesh game that continues the internal process that only uses communication with other iMafia Los Angeles players for information. Instead of sending invitations to other iMafia Angeles players to add people to your mafia you simply do this through the purchase of virtual people right inside the game. This is done to even the playing field for those who do not use mass friend code delivery systems, but also presents its own challenges for adding mafia members.

Using the Godfather Option

When you are in the city view of iMafia Los Angeles go ahead and go to the Godfather, which is in the right hand road. Here you will see two boxes, a large one on top and a smaller one on bottom. The top black box has different offers for spending PlayMesh Points. The bottom one says “Hire a mafia member” in it and has a price to the right. Above this box will be your Current Mafia Size listed. When you press on the black rectangle it will transform into a grey box that says Hire Member in the middle. If you hit it one more time you will buy the mafia member for the price that was listed in the Kelly green typeface.

Using PlayMesh Points to Add Members to iMafia Los Angeles

As with all PlayMesh games the cost of your mafia members will increase as you get more. You will be forced to do this by the requirements of missions and the fact that one mafia member can only manage up to three properties. Once the cost gets over ten million you are going to want to only purchase them as needed. Another option is to use PlayMesh Points to buy these mafia members. You can purchase PlayMesh Points from the App Store, though you may end up with some through promotional updates. Once you have some you can spend twenty PlayMesh Points on two crew members. This is an incredibly good deal in iMafia Los Angeles once the price of mafia members has skyrocketed, but if you are still at a low cost you should only use PlayMesh Points on getting more money.