Defender Chronicles Guide: Basic Units

Defender Chronicles Guide

Defender Chronicles is a game that seems very simple at first. It is, at its most basic, a tower defense game with a side view, rather than a top down map. As you advance the abilities of each type of unit become more important and the margin for error becomes far smaller. The need to focus not only on short term, but long term goals, becomes far more important as the small bonuses you get begin to add up to major differences in how you have to play the game.

Defender Chronicles Walkthrough: First Units

You will begin Defender Chronicles with access to two types of units, bowmen and infantry. Understanding these two types of unit will be the biggest part of the game strategy. If you can master these two types of unit you will be able to make your way through much of the game. The bowmen are ranged units raining down death from a distance. The infantry are melee units and can kill less enemies but are able to slow enemies and kill those with more health far more easily.

Defender Chronicles Walkthrough: Bowmen

IMG 0169

Bowmen are able to attack far more enemies than the infantry but have far less ability to penetrate armor. This means that they will kill weak enemies quickly while hardly doing anything to the stronger enemies and never slowing any of them down. They also have the longest range of any unit. This makes them the best choice for the center of the map where they are able to attack everything that goes by. In general you will want to upgrade them to level three reasonably quickly as that gives you a second archer and a lot more arrows.

Defender Chronicles Walkthrough: Infantry

Infantry is able to deal with the more powerful opponents far better than the bowmen but they have a couple of weaknesses. The most important is that they can fight only one enemy at a time and all others will simply walk past them. In addition to this because they fight the enemy directly they can be injured and taken off the battlefield for a short time. The best way to use infantry is to put them in areas where enemies must walk by and generally above the archers so that most of the weaker enemies have been killed off. Upgrading these units can be useful and if you are going to do it go to level three quickly and get a second infantry unit.

Defender Chronicles Walkthrough: Generals

Finally you have your general. Since they are the last line of defense you should do your best to forget that they are there and never allow units to reach them. This will allow them the best opportunity to finish off those few units that might slip by. They are also the most customizable as you can buy equipment and train their skills improving their attack, defense, magic and more. In the case of the general he is effectively a single infantry soldier at the end of the line and you should train up in skills that improve his ability to pay for and use troops rather than focus on his own martial prowess. In the case of Melwen who can attack multiple enemies at a time increasing her attack makes far more sense.

The next page of our Defender Chronicles guide takes a look at Hobbits, Mages and Mini Ogres.

Defender Chronicles Walkthrough: Hobbits

Hobbits are the third basic unit you will gain access to and they have a couple of useful abilities. These abilities are greed and poison. Both of these make putting them near where enemies appear important. Greed allows you to get extra money if they kill enemy units and poison lets them wear down the unit long after they have passed by. The weakness of these units is that they will not attack the warrior units of the enemy. This means that it is entirely possible for units to pass them without being touched. They will fight other units in the same way as infantry though. If put into the game in the right spot and early on, they can often pay for themselves and their upgrades.

Defender Chronicle Walkthrough: Mages

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Mages are the final type of unit and generally the one you will use the least. The main advantage of the mage is that they penetrate armor well and attack the most powerful enemy in their range. This can help a lot in wearing down a powerful enemy. They are also very slow and have a limited range. This means that most of the time you will want them near the end of the level so that they attack to finish off those powerful units that have made it past your other defences.

Defender Chronicles: Mini Ogre

The Mini Ogre is generally only in the game for fun and while it is not a bad idea to have the option you will likely not want to use it all that often. If you do, put it near the end where it can finish off major enemies because it has a lot of HP and a very good attack but is very slow. This can help deal with some bosses at the end of levels and is worth considering at the right time, but in general it is not a unit you'll use a lot againt the rank and file enemies.

Our Defender Chronicles guide finishes on the next page with a look at advanced units, levels and items.

Defender Chronicles Walkthrough: Advanced Units

There are three types of advanced units. In order to use them you must have a level five unit of the type before them. These are: archer, warrior or mage. Each of these are upgrades of the previous type of unit, but far more expensive to unlock. These are most useful against the later waves of enemies where there are either a lot of them, in the case of the rangers who can shoot a lot of arrows quickly, or very powerful enemies in the case of the berserkers and Archmage. In general you will want to build a good defense before you begin to try to upgrade to these units.

Defender Chronicles Walkthrough: Levels and Items

IMG 0171

One of the things that makes this game so much fun is the ability to upgrade your commander. This makes for long term strategies which can improve the game considerably. The most important thing to do with all of these is to focus on what you want to do. Having improved your infantry is not useful if you don’t use it a lot and 1% isn’t all that worthwhile in most cases, while 50% is very useful.

In the case of the basic general the best choice is probably going to be cunning. Each level you advance this will give you 1% more gold and 1% more experience. This means that you’ll be able to put out more troops and improve this level faster. At 50% this means you’ll have far more soldiers.

In the case of the second general cunning is not an option. She does have magic though and so you will likely want to improve sorcery. This will improve the attack and range of her magic. Since she can hit more than one enemy this is useful. She also gives a better bonus to other mages so improve mage is a good option.

In the case of both of these characters you can buy equipment. Most of the time focusing on skills for the general is going to be useful because improving all your archers is better than improving just one fighter. This is not as true of Melwen who will be able to attack more enemies and so having a high attack will be useful for her and improving her sorcery generally makes the most sense.


Every level requires a variance in strategy. You need to understand how to build up for the attacks that are coming and learn which way enemies will walk so you can defend that area. Still, if you can learn to find the best spots for each type of unit and focus on upgrading them at the best times you should be able to defeat the entire game without a lot of difficulty. Having said that, advancing to legend mode may take a bit more time, but as this is a very good tower defense game it is worth the time.


  • Source: Author's own experience.
  • Images : Screenshots from Defender Chronicles for the iPhone.