Tower Success: The Top Ten Tower Defense Games for Mobile Phones

Tower Success: The Top Ten Tower Defense Games for Mobile Phones
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Like text based iPhone MMO RPGs and other mobile game genres that hit a fad peak, tower defense games have become a consistently popular series of games for the iPhone. The basic premise behind most tower defense games is to have a pathway where enemies may pass through. It is up to you to place defensive attack towers along the way, earning money to build more advanced ones and hold off the coming hordes. Here is a look at the top ten tower defense games for mobile phones.

Tap Defense

Tap Defense may be one of the best known of the top ten tower defense games for the iPhone. It is in Tap Defense that you are warding off the hordes of Hell, led by the Devil himself. You are building towers along a specified pathway to defend the Gates of Heaven, and each different enemy that comes down that road has a different weakness and resistance that corresponds to tower types that you use in Tap Defense. The best way to come out on top in Tap Defense is to build as much as you can as quickly as you can and not to focus in on a single type of tower exclusively. Tap Defense is one of the more primitive of the top tower defense games for mobile phones, but it also stands out as one of the most solid.

Tower Madness Zero

Tower Madness Zero is one of the most consistently entertaining of all the top ten tower defense games for mobile phones as its design is


both sharp and open to updates. In Tower Madness Zero you are going to be defending your sheep from aliens that drop in from the sky. In between their drop point and the sheep pen in Tower Madness Zero there is an open pasture that you have to build towers in. These towers are themed and have the ability to be upgraded, adding a surprising amount of depth and a lot of room for customization. Tower Madness Zero allows for downloading more maps, not to mention the whole range that already come with it. You also reserve the ability to come in at multiple angles in Tower Madness Zero, which means you can head in close to the 3D action or back off to get a full bird’s eye view when plotting tower locations.



Many of the top tower defense games for mobile phones are hard, and Geodefense is near the top of that list. Gameplay in Geodefense for the iPhone gets fairly manic as enemies become speedy and insanely hard, and the bright visuals go along with this in a manic frenzy. In this way Geodefense will actually remind you more of the puzzle roots of the tower defense genre rather than the real time strategy. Expect that Geodefense will fill a different void than a game like Tap Defense, which may have more consistent replay value.

Garden War

Garden War will continue the precedent set in place by games like Tap Defense, except in this case you are deep in the shubbery of the backyard. In Garden War you will find that bugs are the raging armies going after your flower population, which is your incarnation of riches. All of the other standard elements come in to Garden War with upgradable towers and a dozen maps, though the format remains the same throughout.

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Zombie Attack

zombie attack iugo

Zombie Attack is a clever unity of tower defense and zombie games, which gives it a unique spot amongst the top tower defense games for mobile phones. In Zombie Attack you are asked to defend your home from the onslaught of attacking zombies, which is a scene that is going to be familiar to fans of B-movie fare. These weapons can include things like cannons and flamethrowers and the graphics are fairly involved and enticing. What really does make Zombie Attack great is the use of the iPhone tilt functions and controls that make it easy to get sucked into.

Tower Defense


Tower Defense for the Blackberry is, while not the most cleverly named of all the top tower defense games for mobile phones, one of the most solid. It can be seen that Tower Defense may be the Blackberry’s answer to Tap Defense as you are going to find that it is fairly minimalist in its design and puts gameplay as the top priority. The visuals themselves are incredibly clear and you can identify what each tower is doing and what you are earning from perishing enemies, which means that Tower Defense remains a very clear title to follow. Tower Defense is a little more expensive at $4.99, but is going to be worth it as there are far fewer of the top tower defense games for the Blackberry than there are for the iPhone.

Star Defense

Star Defense is one of the most complex and visually stunning of all the top ten tower defense games for mobile phones, and definitely

star defense2

one of the best tower defense games for the iPhone at only $0.99. The gameplay of Star Defense was built around the iPhone specifically and uses the touchscreen very well. There are complete space worlds in Star Defense that you are colonizing in a move of intergalactic imperialism. When waves of enemies come out what originally seemed like a basic interpretation of the tower defense games suddenly becomes an immersive battle experience.

Field Runners


Field Runners is a little more expensive than Star Defense at $2.99, but holds a lot of awards from different publications that it holds like a badge of honor on its iTunes' App Store. The cartoonish graphics of Field Runners are one of its major pluses as the quick and solid gameplay has a little personality injected into it with this. The gameplay in Field Runners is actually much more open than in games like Tap Defense as you are more open and can try a whole host of different strategies, like in Tower Madness Zero.

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the strangest and most fun of the best tower defense games out there for the iPhone, not to mention zombie themed game. In Plants vs. Zombies

plants-vs-zombies-20090402114225619 640w

you begin by defending against hordes of the undead. You do this by taking violent plants and going after them in a strange hybrid arsenal. Its hard to believe that fauna could come in with the strength of modern warfare, but Plants vs. Zombies makes this possible.



Creeps is not only one of the top ten tower defense games for mobile phones, it is one of the best monster themed games for the iPhone. At $0.99 Creeps is a relatively cheap and fun tower defense game with areas that look like they were drawn from the recollections of a child’s dreams and nightmares. There are clearly laid out paths in Creeps, like Tap Defense, and the theme of each level will really dictate how you end up fighting.