Tap Defense Guide for iPhone: 7 Helpful Tips to Defend Your Towers

A Popular Favorite

Tap Defense has kept its top spot on iTunes’ list of top free applications for the iPhone, and for good reason (read the full Tap Defense Review). As a basic strategy game it provides enough depth and challenge to keep people playing for hours on end. Keeping in line with its need for well calculated planning there are certain things to keep in mind when playing the game. The following tips should help you avoid becoming frustrated.

Forget Some Tower Types

Some types of towers end up just taking space and are not incredibly effective. Right when you begin on the first level you have three options when it comes to towers. These are arrows, bombs, and water. Though the arrows are the cheapest and water “slows” the creatures down, bomb is really the only option to go with. It has the least resistance from creatures, while arrow has quite a bit including the Devil. Storm and ice are also resisted quite often, but not near as much as arrow or water.


Keeping this in mind you are still going to want to diversify your tower weapons quite a bit. This is done mostly to help curb any resistance that a creature may have. If you just have bombs then you will be destroyed when a creature fully resists that. Try to keep it down to only two or three types, but make sure that they are effective.

Don’t Sell Out

Though it may seem like common sense to sell some towers when you want to build others, you may want to think twice about this. You do not get anywhere near the monetary amount that you did when you first built it and usually you are not going to really want to get rid of it. Just try and strategically place everything from the beginning so you can avoid this problem to begin with.

Double Zoning

When placing towers try to “kill two birds with one stone” by placing towers in between two parts of the road. This way they will be able to hit creatures on both planes, giving them two zones they cover. It is also important to put some towers in isolated areas so they can focus on specified creatures at one time. If all of your towers cover two zones then it will split their focus and can sometimes make them less effective.

Don’t Spend At the End

Always spend money at the beginning of a level and never at the end. The reason for this is that you get interest in between levels so you want to end that level with as much money as you possibly can. Also, instead of getting all the tower types you possibly can it is best to use most of your “halos” to get a higher interest rate for your gold. This will afford you to build more and upgrade your towers, which is of more benefit then having an overly diverse population of towers. Go ahead and get the magic tower, but the only effective tower besides this one is the earthquake tower and it is too expensive to justify.

Location Based Upgrades

Try to upgrade the towers that are in central locations covering more than one zone. It is great to have large coverage, but also important to make sure that each tower is valuable. If you have any arrow towers it is important to upgrade them as much as you can. The Magic tower can use one upgrade, but the second is more money than it is worth.


Levels 29 and 30 tend to be some of the most difficult, so it is important to fortify your defenses as much as possible before playing them. You may want to save some money over the levels just previous and then build and upgrade right before playing level 29.

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