Help for Tap Defense: Tower Placement Tricks

Fine Tuning Your Strategy

Tap Defense is a strategy game that requires you to consider the entire field as well as the coming threats in far off levels. With this in mind it is important to choose and place all towers appropriately, without this you are going to end up spending more money that you should and will not be able to achieve proper development for later in the game. Here are a few tips for placing towers when playing Tap Defense.

Arrow Towers

Depending on what plan you use you will likely have a type of tower that you will begin with. The more effective strategies usually rely on arrow towers, especially in the beginning. This is because they cost less, are very effective on early enemies, have a long range, and you can fill up the field with them quickly. Begin placing arrow towers at different spots on the field so that most of it is covered in the first couple of turns. This will help ensure that you end up with the best possible coverage. While you are doing this you should make sure not to ever deplete more than two thirds of the amount of gold you began with at the beginning of any given turn. You need to keep a substantial amount of gold at the end of every turn so that you will get a reasonable interest return.

Ice and Storm

When using ice or storm towers it is advisable to only place them directly on a segment of the path, never in between. This is because they have such as short range that it would likely not reach the enemies if it is too far away from them. The trick is to fill up all the areas of the map that do not touch the path with arrow towers because they are inexpensive and have a long range.

Water Towers

When using water towers you have to be aware that their main benefit is to slow certain enemies down. What this means is that they should be placed strategically along the path and there should only be three or four of them. Somewhere near the beginning of the path is a good spot, as well as at different curves in it later on. Putting one right at the gate to heaven is not a good spot because the enemies do not have a long distance to go. You may want to also not upgrade the water towers to their third stage unless you have a large surplus of gold.

Bomb Towers

Bomb towers are essential, but many enemies are not affected by them. A useful trick is to place them in central locations and do not upgrade them as quickly as you do the arrow towers.

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