The Best Tower Defense Games for Mobile Phones

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Mobile phone games have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. With the advent of smartphones, the days of simple puzzle games have given way to more involved and impressive gaming options. If there is one genre that has really taken off in the mobile space it is tower defense games. They don’t require too much in the way of screen real estate, they work well with a touch-screen interface and they aren’t graphically intensive. They are also ideal for a quick blast of gameplay if you are bored and have a few minutes to kill, but they do still require some strategic thinking. They come in various shapes and sizes and you can find counterparts on the PC.

Be careful though, these games should all come with an addiction warning!

Tower Defense Round Ups

We’ll kick off with some round-ups of the most popular tower defense titles on the Android and iOS platforms. These games all feature similar gameplay, challenging you to construct a series of defensive towers to destroy incoming invaders.

The majority of invaders follow a set path and appear in various forms, there are occasional exceptions to the rule such as flying enemies. The towers dole out various different types of damage and so there is a tactical element to your construction choices. You need to place the towers in the right locations and ensure that you get a decent mix of types. It’s also important to upgrade your towers as the game progresses. You’ll have limited resources at your disposal so choose wisely. Your resources can usually be replenished by despatching enemies and some games offer upgrades that you can unlock with high scores.

Although the gameplay is generally the same across the titles there is plenty of scope for different settings and character types, as you’ll see.

Top TD Game Reviews

There are loads of tower defense games to choose from, so here are a few reviews of some of the best of the bunch to help you choose. Find out what these titles have in store for you and choose your preferred backdrop for some destructive tower action. There are sci-fi styled options and games featuring classic fantasy styling. There are also a few wildcards like Plants vs Zombies. No two releases are the same, but they do share the same addictive hook, so you can expect to lose hours tapping away on your phone’s screen with this lot.

Strategy Guides for Tower Defense Games

The majority of tower defense games seem to be fairly straightforward on the surface. In fact, that’s part of their accessibility and charm. However, as you get into the action you’ll soon discover each game has its own set of defensive structures and attackers and you have to learn about them fast. There are also a lot of strategies that will work well across different games but some titles require a special touch. Here’s a useful batch of guides offering tips and tricks that you can apply to claim a victory in these top tower defense options.

First up is my favorite tower defense game of all time, the Android classic, Robo Defense.

Tap Defense

One of the first games to really popularize the genre on iPhone was Tap Defense and it proved to be a smash hit. Learn exactly how to succeed in Tap Defense, what to build and what strategies will work, in this series of guides. Many of these tips and tricks are generally applicable to other games in the genre.

Are you hopelessly addicted to tower defense games on your phone? What’s your favorite tower defense game on Android or iPhone? Do you have a winning strategy that never fails? Post a comment and let us know.