Help for Tap Defense: The Sell Off Strategy

Battle Strategy

When playing Tap Defense you have to not only employ an overarching strategy, but also know when to apply certain techniques to maximize your effectiveness. Though you may focus on different strategies, such as the effective Arrow Defense Strategy, you will also need to use other elements to your advantage. Since we know that there are forty three levels in Tap Defense we have know that we simply need to survive up until that point. That means that once you get to this final level you need to do everything you possibly can to stop as many enemies as it is viable. One way to help ensure this is the sell off method.

Selling Off

It is not usually advisable to sell off any of your towers during gameplay. The most effective strategies involve filling up the map as much as possible with towers, allowing for a constant flow of ammunition toward enemies at all locations. Selling towers will not yield you much money and will create blank spots on your map. The only time it is good to sell off towers is when you are on the absolute last level. Once all the enemies have progressed past the first area of towers it is time to sell them off. What this means is after the demons have passed the second strait and are heading to the final curves of the path you are going to want to sell off all of the towers that will not reach them anymore. These towers are going to be useless at this point because this is the last level and all fortification needs to be moved forward once those towers are not reaching them. With the money you receive from the tower sales you can then upgrade all the towers that are in the final stretch, possibly even selling some of those and transferring them to more effective towers depending on the enemy. Use all of the money you have left and create the strongest final stretch that you can. You can even try and do this a second time if there are a few enemies at the very end of the path and you still have not upgraded all of your towers all of the way.

Transferring Power

Do not let this technique damage how you play the game ahead of time too much. You may want to upgrade the lower towers first as you are going to sell them first and then upgrade the top towers toward the end. The goal here is to get the strongest possible fleet for the final battle, and once they have passed the first towers all of the resources need to be transferred to the second ones.

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