Tap Defense Guide: Using the Arrow Tower Strategy to Your Advantage

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Different Strategies

There is no one way to complete Tap Defense. There are a variety of different strategies; each when well implemented can be truly effective. Though you may want to go with quality over quantity and start out by using bomb towers almost exclusively, you may want to go a different route. There is a very effective strategy that can be used by focusing on arrow towers instead.

Choose Arrows

When you first begin the game go with arrow towers exclusively for the first few levels. Dot the first ten as far apart as you can, but still focusing on areas that are well traveled. Do not concentrate the arrows in one area, even if it appears as though it will create a pocket of heavy fire. Go from the front of the path all the way to the Gates of Heaven. It is likely that the no creatures from the first several levels will reach this far, but you will be able to create fortification right from the start. Do not let your gold level get below half what it was at the end of the prior level. This way the interest rate will consistently get a large return, keeping up your gold level. Since you are going almost exclusively with arrows you are not going to be spending as much, which should begin to give you a large surplus after levels nine or ten.

Level Up

After a few levels you can begin to add water and bomb towers, with bomb towers taking the priority. Though most of your research money should go toward increasing your gold interest rate you can try and research ice or magic towers. Once you have the map almost entirely filled up with towers you can begin to upgrade them, usually in a large sweep covering the majority of the arrow towers. At this point you should be in the late twenties, and levels twenty nine through thirty two are going to be critical. Do not deplete your funds, but upgrade as much as possible. Give the arrow towers priority for upgrade because they will be cheaper and you can end up getting more effective coverage. If you have a very large surplus you can go ahead and try to get an earthquake tower, especially now that the update has gotten rid of a number of the kinks.

Try it Out

This strategy works well, especially on easy and medium settings. Hard settings require special vigilance, and using this overall strategy is not as recommended.

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