Tap Defense Guide: Effectively Using the Earthquake Tower


Tap Defense is a strategy game that really rewards diversity in planning and execution. This does not need to you have to rely on an equal amount of each tower type, but instead how to know how to use two or three different types in concert so you can defend against the entire rainbow of enemies. The most enigmatic of these towers is the ultra-expensive earthquake tower, a defense station that will likely make you drop your entire bank. This is the most unique of all the available towers, and also the most difficult to finally end up with.

Saving Up

It is going to be able to get five hundred gold the challenge that prevents you from spending such an amount that you can spend so much gold on a single tower. This requires you to save and plan the entire game over, likely having to forgo improvements on your defenses for several turns in a row. The best way to go about this is to put it off until the later levels, somewhere in the mid twenties. Go ahead and fortify your defenses, but do not blow your entire bank each time. Try just adding a couple every two or three turns, that way you end up with an accumulative surplus. Do not research the earthquake tower right away, save it for later on. The first two opportunities for research, meaning you have acquired two halos, should go to increase your interest rate. This will let you have the money later on when the time is right.


Once you actually have the money you must make sure to actually place the tower in the correct place. This place will be somewhere where a large number of enemies may pass by at any given time. The best way to do this is to put it between two paths, so two different sections will be able to feel it when used.

Using It

You control the tower itself, so you have to be strategic in your use. The tower has to be “charged up” to be able to use it, so you cannot just keep doing it at will. It is going to affect everyone on the screen, but a little more when they are close to it. Wait until all possible creatures have been spawned before using it. Though the charge only takes a few seconds, you are still going to have to wait. Be vigilant and aware every time it has charged back up so you can do it again. You want to use it as many times as you possibly can in a given level.

The Shake

Remember, this is the only tower that you control and you do so by shaking the iPhone. You don’t have to shake it too much and it is not a great idea since you need to keep your eyes fixed on the device. Though it is not likely that you will ever have the exuberant amount of money need to actually upgrade this tower, if you do the quake will be as epic as anything in the game.

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