Tips for Playing Tower Madness Zero on the iPhone

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Tower Based iPhone Strategy Game

Tower Madness Zero is a free iPhone game that has followed the tradition of tower based iPhone strategy games made popular by Tap Defense. This game includes three-dimensional graphics and ironic alien combatants. Like many similar games, you have to plan your tactics out well ahead of time so that you can attack each level successfully. You must use foresight to determine the best measures to take in this game. You also have to be responsive to changes in each level. Follow these tips for playing the free iPhone game Tower Madness Zero.


If you do not control the path of the combatant aliens, they will walk straight across the plains and steal your sheep, even if you position towers to kill these aliens. This means that the secondary purpose of each tower is to create a collective pathway that forces each alien to stay in the Tower Madness Zero level as long as they can. The longer each alien stays in that level, the more they are exposed to tower assault. You will need to use different construction methods to build pathways in each level. The basic idea is to unite all of the paths from the three alien landing points into one path. Do this by sealing the top landing spots with a string of towers. Then, force the aliens to one side, where you will begin your path. Make this path as winding as possible by making it go back and forth across the level until you reach the end. Start at one side and create a straight path to the other side. Allow the aliens to drop down so that they are forced to the other side. This back-and-forth will keep them in range of the towers as long as possible. The quality of your pathway is directly affected by the type of level you are in. For example, it is very difficult to direct straight pathways in the Madness level. It will be important to improvise.

Flying Aliens

The majority of aliens, even the larger “boss” aliens, will walk along the path that you construct in Tower Madness Zero. Some of the aliens will bypass the path by flying over it. These flying aliens tend to go in a relatively straight line down the plain to the entrance where they can turn into the sheep corral. To approach this, you may want to construct some distance towers (those with high-range lasers) down the center while you are still building your main pathway. This is especially important near the exit to the sheep corral, as the laser cannons can continue attacking the aliens even after they have entered the corral. It is likely that these distance towers may not fit directly into your plan for a tower pathway. The best Tower Madness Zero tip for this situation is to keep them relatively cheap and sell them if the pathway does not support your placement.

Tower Choice

Tower choice in Tower Madness Zero is not always going to be concrete. This means it is not crucial to pick certain types of towers to be successful. It is true that distance and low price are the two things that should be thought of first. The best tip for tower purchasing is to get quantity over quality, though it is good to have a variety and include some higher-caliber towers. Make sure to upgrade your towers once the pathways are complete. You may want to have an alternating integration between bomb and laser cannon towers, but avoid having too many low-grade bomb towers.