iPhone Game Reviews: Dungeon Defenders iPhone Game Review

iPhone Game Reviews: Dungeon Defenders iPhone Game Review
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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave - Graphics

Before we delve into Dungeon Defenders excellent gameplay, let us take a closer look first at an equally important feature of this iPhone game - graphics. It is of utmost important that we emphasize that Dungeon Defenders uses “Unreal Engine,” a gaming technology created by game developer Epic Games. If you’ve got an iPad, you’ve probably heard about Infinity Blade. The same technology used in that game was also used in Dungeon Defenders. So the result - a beautifully designed iPhone game that looks excellent on the iPhone 4’s retina display.

Typical of RPG games, the Dungeon Defenders game environment is characterized by a lush and colorful environment with vibrant elements. In fact, it gives a new meaning to the concept of a dungeon - old, rusty, gloomy areas with dark monsters ready to attack you. The dungeons in this game are also being attacked by monsters but these monsters are cute and the dungeons are colorful - making it more fun to play.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave - Gameplay

dungeon defenders first wave screenshot 2

With graphics taken care of, it’s now time for us to look into this game’s playability. The gameplay is quite unique because it combines the elements of a tower defense game and action-RPG. The objective of each of the levels in the game is for you to successfully defend your tower from being attacked by the enemies. These enemies come from various directions and it is your task to build defenses around the Eternia Crystals - the enemies’ target for attacking your dungeons.

To build defenses, you need to summon them. And to summon them you need to use mana.You gain mana from beating enemies. What sets this game apart from other tower defense games is the fact that you can use your character to attack your enemies aside from the defenses you’ve built. So in a way, your success does not solely rely on defenses you’ve built. This adds an extra dimension to the depth of Dungeon Defenders’ gameplay.

The game also has some elements of an RPG - character class, level upgrades, switching between characters and more - another plus for the gameplay features of this game.

The game also has two modes of play - online or local modes. In local mode, you’re on your own in trying to defend the Eternia Crystals from the enemies. In online mode, you can join up to four players via Wi-Fi or 3G in fighting the enemy monsters. While online, you can also start your own game and let others join in. Online games can also be established by Apple’s Game Center.

Our Verdict

We’ll stop short of saying that Dungeon Defenders is the best iPhone game in 2010, we can’t declare that because many great iPhone games came out this year. This game is one of the best iPhone games of 2010. If the game was released earlier than this month, it would have been a runaway candidate for being the best iPhone game of 2010.

Do we have to tell you that you should get this game for your iPhone? It’s one of the best games to come out for the iPhone, not only this year, but throughout the history of Apple iPhone’s gaming history. In short - this game is a must-have.

(Price: $2.99) (Download link)