iPhone Game Review: Infinity Blade Review

iPhone Game Review: Infinity Blade Review
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Infinity Blade iPhone Game Review - Gameplay

Let’s go straight to the meat of any game under review - gameplay. Unfortunately, Infinity Blade’s gameplay can be summed up in one word - repetitive. Don’t expect too much depth from Infinity Blade’s gameplay. You’ll be disappointed. It’s a pretty simple hack-and-slash, level-up-until-you’re-powerful-enough type of game. It would have been alright if only the game provided more sets of enemies as you are trying to level up the main character before the final bosses. Unfortunately, you’ll get to fight only the same 8 enemies until you face the final boss at the end of each level.

The good thing is that you won’t be able to beat the final boss the first time round. In fact, it might take many tries before you can finally do so. Every time your character gets beaten by the final boss, you’ll have to start a new lineage in the character’s bloodline. You can reach up to the 50th bloodline before you can finally beat the final boss, depending on how much you’ve trained your character (I did it on the 10th bloodline).

On one angle, this gameplay is pretty clever. Why? Because despite the repetitive encounters with the same enemies in the same environment, but presumably at a different time - the level of excitement and challenge is never the same each time. One thing that contributes to this fact is the slow motion animation when your character is finally able to inflict damage to the enemies. This is called either “dodge break” or “parry break”.

We also said that this is an action RPG title. We’ve just discussed the action part, so what happens with the RPG element? Unfortunately, if you’re expecting the explorative type of RPG where your character can freely roam around the game environment you’ll be disappointed. Your movement in Infinity Blade is limited by specified points which you need to tap on for the game to proceed. You can pick up items as the CGI unfolds though.


Also the game has the leveling up element common to Role-Playing Games. You can master the use of weapons, armor and items as well as purchase cool items from an in-game store. You also pick up coins which you can use to purchase stuff from the game store.

Oh well, the gameplay may not be a total failure after all when it comes to its RPG elements. Just not too deep.

Infinity Blade iPhone Game Review - Graphics, Sounds and other Features


When it comes to graphics - we couldn’t say more than the fact that Infinity Blade is the best-looking, most beautiful and detailed iPhone game to date. The graphics are clear, sharp and crisp. The animations are simply flawless and you’ll love how the game characters respond to the swipe of your fingers to dodge enemy attacks and execute attacks against the enemies. The special effects when your character is executing the finishing attacks are simply fantastic and pure eye-candy.

With regards to other elements of the game, You’ll be surprised at how detailed the game environment is rendered and displayed on your iPhone. The game is no doubt best played on the iPhone 4 with all its Retina display glory.

As for the game’s sound and sound effects, we couldn’t say more either. From the clanking sound of the metal swords, to the sound created when a giant enemy crashes to the ground - Infinity Blade simply excels.

Infinity Blade iPhone Game Review - So What is Wrong with Infinity Blade?

Nothing really. It’s that we expect too much from the gameplay because the game developers made a beautiful game. But we certainly can’t have everything, right folks? Even in the surreal world of iPhone gaming, this just doesn’t happen too often.

I have a suggestion for those who are hesitating to get this iPhone game - stop hesitating and get it.

Here’s the download link.