Android Gaming: Tower Raiders for Android Strategy Guide

Android Gaming: Tower Raiders for Android Strategy Guide
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Short Review of Tower Raiders for Android

Tower Raiders is a surprisingly deep tower defense game for the Android platform. The aim of the game is to protect your stockpile of gems that are located on the map. You have an array of defense equipment, which you will need to see off your enemies. Your guns vary in strength, range and fire rate and can be upgraded with credits you earn by defeating your enemies. The path, which the enemy takes to get to the gems, is predetermined and you also have predetermined spots where you can post your guns. Enemies differ in class and strength you have be strategic about which guns to use in which places.

The game is very entertaining and deep enough to keep you hooked for a long time. Tower Raiders for Android is a very classic tower defense type of game that never really does anything too different from the usual genre releases. The level design, although graphically poor, is clever and allows for enough strategy amongst all the predetermined aspects of the game. As you progress in Tower Raiders, levels get harder, enemy waves more intense and you will find yourself in situations where you really need to think to find a solution. All the ingredients for a good game are there and it is up to you to show your skill. However, here are a few hints that will push you in the right direction.

Tips and Tricks for Tower Raiders for Android

Tower Raiders in Game Screen

There are no ways to really ‘cheat’ with Tower Raiders and to succeed a variety of strategies have to be implemented. Here are some tips and tricks that will make the game a bit easier:

  • Enemies vary in strength and speed. The various classes need various types of guns to counter them. Here is a list of enemies and the best guns to use for them: Infantry – Miniguns/Flames, Light Vehicles – Miniguns (upgraded)/Canons, Armored Vehicles – Canons (upgraded), Bosses – Lasers to disrupt the shield/Canons and upgraded miniguns/flames to finish him. Lots are needed, Aircraft – Solar Arrays/ Stingers.
  • Make sure the weapons overlap. As there are limited spots where you can post guns there are also strips of land where no guns can be placed. Make sure to install guns with a large range to cover these areas.
  • Make sure the heavier guns are not in the direct entrance or exit of the map, as they won’t be used to their full potential. Make sure the heavier gun’s range is fully used and the full circle is visible on the map. Lighter guns can be used in the beginning for initial damage.
  • Upgrade the guns strategically. The above-mentioned overlapping guns should be upgraded first to better cover the unguarded grounds. Also as the level progresses armored vehicles will be more frequent, so upgraded canons are needed.
  • When progressing pause the game before starting and determine on a path you want to lead the enemy on. It’s vital to lead them as much as possible around the map so they need to travel a lot to get to the gems. You will have a bigger chance of killing them beforehand the further they have to go.

Defeating the Tower Raiders for Android Game

Tower Raiders Laser Upgrade Screen

Although a bit simple at first, Tower Raiders for Android gets pretty hard after a while and it will take your full concentration to beat it. The above Tower Raiders hints and tips should point you in the right direction and should lead to a decent basis for tackling the enemy invasions. Everything beyond these tips is up to you, however, and make sure to choose your guns and upgrades wisely. Knowing what will damage a particular enemy is vital and as such you should be able to beat all levels eventually. Good luck!

Tower Raiders for Android is available in the Android Market for $4.99.

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