iPhone Plants vs Zombies Guide: Strategy and Tips

Garden Time


Plants vs Zombies has quickly become one of the most popular games on the iPhone, which is a testament to how popular games with a zombie theme or a tower defense set up are. With Plants vs Zombies you, as the name suggests, use different plants as defensive towers against invading zombies. The areas you are dealing with are uniquely domestic settings like front lawns and other areas surrounding a house, and you and your neighbor need to remain vigilant and play to the different strengths of different plants to keep your home safe. Here is an iPhone Plants vs Zombies guide with tips, tricks, and cheats for the game.

Starting Out

When you are first beginning in level 1-1 you will just be learning the basics of the game. Your shooter plants are going to be one of your base forms of defense, and you will want to line those up directly in front of your house because you want their stream of fire to have as long as possible to hit zombies. Make sure to tap every single sun that falls in front of you because these equal 25 sun points and are needed to buy different seed packets. Though most of level 1-1 is going to be self explanatory, you are going to receive the sunflower at the end and this is going to be the most important plant in the game.

The End of Level One

The end of level one is a good starting point for this iPhone Plants vs Zombies guide as this gets time based and somewhat intense for players.


The scrolling bar across the top will have different types of plants in it and it will be up to you to select the ones that you want quickly, as well as their placement. How you decide where things are going to go is important, and you can cache them for a little while if needed. This does not mean that they are going to go away, but that you are essentially putting them on hold. You need to take a look at the available rows and make sure that there is a shooter in every single one. You are going to want your bombs at the very end so make sure that you save them. When zombies are actually approaching you should plant your walnuts down so that they will slow and the shooters will have a chance to take them out. This is also going to be a situation when your shovel will be of good use since you will be able to choose through different shooters that you may want to replace the one you already have planted, especially since you are not spending sun points at the end of level one.

Walnut Bowling

When you are walnut bowling there are a few rules that you should try to follow so as to maintain your Plants vs Zombies strategy. First, try to


start back as far as you can so that they can hit more than one. You will want to save your exploding walnuts until you have large groups of zombies coming after you, even though you will be able to take out the zombies with cones on their heads who would normally need to get hit by dual walnuts.

The Chomper


By level 1-8 you will have received the chomper and this is used to eat a zombie hole. This plant is going to be one of your most effective and is key to your iPhone Plants vs Zombies strategy, but it is also going to be vulnerable right after consuming a zombie. Make sure that it can be defended during this period and make sure that you have customized the types of plants you want in the level perfectly to defend the chomper, as well as your situation in general. When you get it in level 1-8 you will want to start out with it, but maybe lose the cherry bomb to make room. When you are placing the chomper you will want it nearer to the starting line of the zombies and further away from your home, but if you have constructed a cluster of chompers then defend it with a potato mine right in front.

Using Sunflowers

Sunflowers allow you to get sun points, which you need to plant defensive plants. This is why the sunflowers need to be both numerous and


protected, otherwise the lack of sun points could interfere with the strategy laid out in this iPhone Plants vs Zombies guide. To make sure that they are safe try placing a sunflower in every row as close to the house as you can get. This way they will not be easily available to the incoming zombies and then you can defend them with the entire rest of your fleet.

Plants vs Zombies Cheats


Plants vs Zombies cheats are some of the most requested things from players on the iPhone, yet there are almost no Plants vs Zombies cheats for the iPhone version. The majority of Plants vs Zombies cheats that are available were strictly for the PC version and have not made their way to the iPhone yet.

One fun Plants vs Zombies cheat that you can do is if you want to get the Yeti zombie. Here all you have to do is first beat the entire game in Adventure Mode. Start Adventure Mode over again and begin playing it as you did the first time. When you reach level 4-10 you will be awarded the Yeti. You will also unlock Quick Play Mode once you have completed the Adventure Mode.